The Gift (Concluding Part)

Continued from previous post of this Title.

I reached home at usual time, as per my office routine. It was around 7:30 PM.

Today, he was already there, waiting for me. He was looking very fresh, as if he had taken  the bath just a while ago. His hair were wet and combed in style.  He was wearing a brand new perfectly fit, white shirt, on royal blue, tight fitting jeans, which was complementing his gracious looks and making him look more sexy.

His looks were really attractive. His looks were appealing me to kiss him.

When I entered the room, a wide smile was spread on his pink juicy lips. He hugged me and kept on hugging me passionately for good amount of time. After some time, I started massaging his back as a token of my acceptance.  He relieved me. I could not keep myself away for long. I leaned forward and attempted to kiss him on lips.  But he just moved his head a little so that my kiss was planted on his cheek instead of his lips.

This was again, something way beyond normal. It was additional surprise to today’s events. It was neither my birthday today, nor his.  Now I was curious to know what was going on.

I asked him, “Hey Dude ! you are looking stunningly charming and sexy today. What’s the occasion tonight? Something special?”

“Yeah.. ! it is.”, he said. I noticed he was blushing. What the heck? This extrovert, all-time-romeo, who does not even know about the term “Shyness”, he was blushing.

He continued, “It is Karwa Chauth today, and I am fasting for you.”

To hint my readers about Karwa Chauth, it is primarily a Hindu religious fasting and prayer event which happens annually. In northern India, especially for Punjabi families, it bears a great importance for all the married specially the newly wed brides and couples. Usually it was meant for brides, who keep a whole day fast, without even taking a single drop of Water from sun-rise till moon-rise. After seeing the moon in the night and offer their prayers, they complete their fast, and consume the liquid and other food items. The sole purpose of this fast is to get a blissful and blessed harmonious married life. It is primarily meant for brides and it is believed that if they keep this fast and do the rituals, it will not only make their life prosperous, but also will enhance life-expectancy of their husbands and save them from all bad-omens and problems, besides making their life a happy, and successful married life.

Some un-married but engaged girls also do this fast and pujan for the same reason. After engagement, they are officially committed (in social norms, and religious norms too) and hence for better and successful married life, they participate this Karwa Chauth. Some of the un-married girls also participate this in order to be blessed with a better and suitable life partner.

Now, with so many bollywood movies, and TV Serials, it has been turned into a glamorous event. Not only brides (or girls) but also their partners (husbands) also have started participating in this fasting ceremony. Now both the couples are keeping this fast, as it not only reciprocate their feelings of mutual love and care for each-other but also tie-up a stronger bond in the relationship.

I know, from past incidents, that he is also spiritual and believes in God, but he does not like to show it off. Although he does not follow a strict religious regime, but I was not expecting this sort of religious participation from him even in my dreams. I can easily compare him with all sort of evil roles, and mischievous deeds but religious things – can’t imagine him doing this.

His waking up early in the morning before sun-rise, bathing and taking only fruits in the breakfast, taking breakfast with me, and then not taking even a single drop of water whole day, just to have a blessed and harmonious life with me was now making sense to me. He did it all for me, and for us. Whether or not this religious practice has any significance but his beliefs and his sacrifices do have a significance for me. His sufferings and his feelings for me are all real.

It was now I who was eagerly waiting for moon to rise so that he completes his fast and then takes something. I was also quenching of thirst but now I was not willing to take a sip of water without him.

After moon-rise, he went outside on the roof-top and offered some water and prayers to it. And then asked me to stand in front of him and then hugged me and we both came back to our room. I offered him the water mixed with milk and sugar (as my Mom used to take after it)  but he insisted on taking it directly from my hands. After sometime, we both took the dinner together, as usually we do it daily.

Having finished the dinner, and after a small walk on the terrace, we came back to our room. And when we sat on the bed, he said, “I got a gift for you. I know it could appear absurd from what I am gifting you, but please don’t take it otherwise.”

I could not understand why he was creating such a background before handing over the gift to me. That made me curious what extra-ordinary gift he might have brought for me. I opened a wrapper, and found, it was following item.


 I was happy he was too much caring for me. I thanked him and then asked him how to use it as it did not have any blades of different sizes.  He gave me an evil smile on my request for his help. His eyes started shining and grew big.

“Of course, I would love to help you in this if you please allow me.”, replied my roomie.

That was a warning sign for me. Something where he needed my permission means crossing a “danger zone”. But I could not yet understand why would he be happy in helping me shave?

He understood my confusion and said, “Well, it is not an ordinary razor. It is a genital razor, meant for pubic hair”, and once again, there was the same evil smile on his face.

Now it was my time for blushing and embarrassment. How the hell does he know that I have pubic hair. Did he sneak peeked my penis or pubic hair without even my knowledge? I have seen him naked, but I have not yet taken my underwear off in front of him. But then I remembered that although he had not seen it but he had touched my penis too.

A genital razor as a gift on Karwa Chauth? What the hell was going on in his mind? But from this it was confirmed to me now, that he liked smooth body, and shaved pubic hair. He himself also maintains the same. It could be good hygienically too.


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