Trip to my Home (Part 3: At Home)

(Continued from previous post…)

 As the train caught the speed, I made myself comfortable on my berth. It was getting late, and I was already feeling sleepy, so I decided to take a nap till the TTE comes for verification and ticket checking.

I tried too hard, but just could not sleep although I was feeling a bit relaxed now. I knew I was guilty for my acts but on top of that he gave me a reason to believe that he has forgiven me for my mis-doings. His personal and caring touch played all the strings in sweet melody in my heart deep inside.  Slowly, I couldn’t notice when I was lost in dreams’ land with my roomie.

At round 5:30 AM, I received a call on my mobile phone. It was my Mom. After all his beloved, only son, was coming home after a long gap of 5 months. It was the first time since I had ever been away from my parents for such a long time. I answered the call.

“Hello,  Betu (that means “darling son”) ! Good morning.”, It was sweet voice of my mom.

“Good morning, Mom”, I replied, trying to open my eyes.

“So…., your train is shortly arriving at XXXX (Station name of my home town). I know it would be too early to wake you up, but then I do not want to take chances. I called you to alert you so that you don’t miss your station while asleep.”, She said. I knew she (along with my father and all my friends) would be eagerly waiting for me.  She was tracking my train position through live system updates provided by Indian Railways.

“Thanks Mom.”, I said, while rubbing my eyes with other hand. “I was really in deep sleep and probably might have missed my station (destination) if you would not have woke me up. I could hardly manage to sleep a couple of hours ago.”

“I know darling, it is hard to get proper rest during journey. Don’t worry. BTW….your friends  YYYY, AAAA, and  WWWW (my childhood friends from my gang of buddies…) are coming to receive both of  you on the station. Actually they wanted to keep it a surprise but I thought of informing you just in case if they are little late, you don’t leave early without them.”, Said my caring and loving Mom.

“Mom, It’s only me. RRRR (name of my roomie) has not come with me.”, I clarified her. She was expecting him to be with me. He had been invited by my parents to visit them many times and is considered as a part of family.

“Why did you not bring him with yourself? Anyways, we will discuss it later when you are back home. You are hardly left a few minutes to get ready as your train would be approaching the platform.”, She sounded a little upset hearing that my roomie had not come with me.

The train arrived at the platform at its scheduled time. I picked up my luggage and de-boarded the coach. The trio (YYYY, AAAA, and WWWW) were already waiting for me outside my coach.  Seeing me coming out out of the coach, they literally jumped over me and embraced me tightly in their arms. After a few minutes of warm welcome,  some talks  about our gang, we started heading to my home on the car AAAA had brought to receive me.

On the way back to my home, there were lots of topics to chit chat. “How I managed to live there all alone” and “who all I missed the most?” were among some of frequently asked questions by all three of them in turn, in different wordings. In between all such discussions, I was still half-lost in remembering the moments of last night with my roomie. There all questions were “forcing me” think about him again and again in-directly.

Anyways, as a matter of fact, the last thing immediately before going in sleep is profoundly registered in sub-conscious mind, and last night I was thinking about “us” (my roomie and I) and the love and care he offered to me at different moments of our life together. It was hardly a few hours since we parted away, and I had already started missing him now.  His affection and love for me, his caring nature, his devotion to his love, and his everything started pulling my mind more towards him and even before I reached my home, I was already missing him a lot and wanted to go back to him at the earliest. Now I understood, why it is said, “Love is pain“.

(To be continued…)


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