Letter to my e-Diary !

October 6th, 2016

My Dear eDiary !

Darling! I want to share with you something special today.

You were one of my best friends since I moved to this new City, around 5-6 months back and I happily shared all my deepest secrets with you without worrying about anything. I knew, I can trust you and can confide in you. And, you also whole heartily supported me and my friendship.

Just like a supportive and true friend, you gave me your frank opinions, and suggestions when I needed it the most. You smiled with me by showering your “Likes” and have been honest to tell me your dislikes frankly through “Comments” and “Suggestions” from time to time.

During some of the darkest days of my love-life, when I was all alone and on the verge of losing it, you became my “mentor” to enlighten my path and guided me by holding my hands in your hands. If I have been able to receive the precious gift of Love, it is just because of you;  yes, only You, because you had always been a true friend to me in this journey. I love it when you communicate with me in your unique own way. I miss miserably your same level of love and affection.

But recently, for past fortnight or so, you have been behaving very rudely and inappropriately. Are you trying to imitate me? You are behaving just like I behave with my Love, my darling Roomie. But sweet-heart!  you need not be jealous of him. You should not feel insecured because of my growing love with him. I still Love you, and you always have a special place in my love-life. You hold a distinctive place in my love life. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you how… I can share even those secrets without any hesitation with you, which I cannot dare to think about sharing with him.

That’s why I am here today, to ask for apologies, for any known or unknown acts of mine which might have upset you.

I also want to share a good news with you.

I am leaving for my home-town for around 5-6 days. (Actually when you will be reading this letter, I would have already left for my home.). Yeah ! I got my leaves sanctioned and I will be visiting my home, my family and my beloved friends after around 5 months. I missed them terribly each and every day in this long time period of 5+ months since I moved here. They all have been eagerly waiting for me. I will be seeing my beloved Mom once again. That’s too during this festive season. I don’t want to miss any single moment of this golden period so I won’t be able to devote my precious time outside my family, friends and relatives. I am sorry but I may not have flexibility to devote my time to you during this visit. So, I shall catch you on next weekend, when I return back.

Don’t frown. you know,  we shall have enough time to each other’s company once I return back. You should also keep it in mind that I may not get similar opportunity easily to visit my family and friends in near future. Anyways, I shall already be short of time during my visit. There will be so many things to do, so many people to meet and that’s too in such a short interval of time that it will not be easy for me to cover it all during this short visit. I am already feeling excited about this trip.

On top of that, my Roomie is insisting to accompany me for at least the weekends during my this trip. He is saying that it will be hard for him to manage without me for such a long time. Stupid Fellow ! He is behaving like a small stubborn kid once again. To be frank with you, I really don’t want to take him with me. You know it why… he may create troubles for me. We have a small house, and during this festive season of Durga Puja, when many of relatives will be visiting us, he will have to share the room with me. Not only room, we might be asked to share even the same bed. And you know him better than I do. He won’t be able to control his non-sense acts there. It will be too risky for both of us in front of so many people in a relatively open environment. It will not be a closed room with just two of us inside it as we live here.

And, you know, he is very talkative, and high quality flirt too. What if his tongue slips and he happened to say something very objectionable about us (from my Parent’s perspective) in front of my family, friends or relatives? No… I can’t dare to take him with me. I will try my best to prevent him from going with me or visiting my family.

But there is another problem. I don’t know how should I stop him. He has been invited by my Parents to join us in this celebration and festival. That’s a more complicated problem for me to handle.

But anyways, you need not to worry to much about it, I will manage something. Meanwhile, if you can suggest me a way out, you are warmly welcome to share it with me. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

But before I close my this letter, please make sure you break your silence, and start the same old way of communication with me. I cannot bear your silence anymore. I would like to see you once again play the same active and lively role in my love-life when I return back.

I also would like to give you a warning. If you remain angry with me, even after my sincere apologies, I may not be able to bear that pain. If I need a silent diary, I already have one. I don’t need to maintain a silent eDiary separately.

Rest all depends upon you, Darling.

Loving Regards,




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