Super Natural Thing

Do you believe in Super-Natural things?

I heard a few such stories about super-natural incidents from my Grand-Mother, but she belonged to rural area and it was quite common to expect such things from her, so being a science student, I took it just a story for entertainment and nothing more. She was a religious lady and had her own beliefs and assumptions. I was no one to interfere in her beliefs. For her, it was all part of her life incidents, so it was not appropriate for me to deny any of these stories straight away.

Super natural things, Magic, Hypnotism, have always been a point of attraction for me. Being from India, the land of the Gods, Religions, Beliefs and Magic, it was not un-common for me to hear such things from time to time, even some times as news-stories in reputed News Papers. Most of the times, one might conclude that these were assumptions, blind-faith or mis-interpreted facts that sounded like super-natural incidents, but would it really be a justice to all those incidents?  Perhaps not. When he hear such stories from a relatively educated, modern person, we tend to give it higher importance, because we over-ruled the possibility of irrational thoughts and false-interpretation.

Similar is the interesting question I found in Quora


Now, having gained a bit maturity in my thoughts, I believe that probably all the stories told by my Grand-Mother were not necessarily false-positive or misinterpreted facts.  We come across many such small and big experiences in our life when we feel that our prayers have been answered. We may feel that something very un-realistic and very un-common happened to help us in the times of distress We may feel that there are some forces of universe (or you may call it a nature) that give you a reason to have faith that there is something that is ready to help you when you see all the doors closed on you.

I started believing it after my prayers were answered to save life of my Roomie. I was in utter darkness and was not getting any help from any side to end this traumatic experience. Finally, I happened to call Almighty for help, if there was one.  When we call for help, and we need help, it is provided. Someone manages it all. I was lucky to see that my call was answered and the medicines to which my roommate was not responding well, started showing magical improvements after a couple of days. Same medicines but now effective to save his life. This whole experience changed my perspective about Beliefs, and super-natural things.

Have you faced any such incidents in your life that gave you a fresh perspective to beliefs, and presumptions?  Did you face any super-natural thing, however absurd, or insignificant, in your life?  If yes,  please share it here with us.


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