Don’t just Live in Fantasy World!

Did you ever notice it on Facebook or other social networking sites that most of the people, who consider themselves Gays (or Homosexuals more appropriately), are a bit different from the other guys.

Different in what context?  Let me explain.

Pay attention to the main message posted by someone in FB (Please refer to image given below). Someone posted that he is Gay and is in closet. He dare not to be open to his family yet as he is in search of his life partner. Once he finds his life partner, he could dare to openly declare his sexual preferences to his family since his “Hero” would be there to save him from Physical abuses of his Parents (or family).

The first reply and then last two replies to his post are mine.


It might have been written on a lighter note, but this kind of “magical” solutions to end the miseries of life are common observations for most of the guys in homosexual groups or social media posts. That’s my point of concern

It is normal that People tend to be weaker at emotional fronts, physical fronts or whatever fronts at times and but it is not normal when they tend to assume themselves weaker and try to find out a support for each and every thing in their “Boy Friend” or partner.  It is a problem if this tendency is becoming a regular activity of their life. It is a mind-game, and need to be played well.  Why is it that one want to live a passive life, and want to find a solution to every problem of one’s life from someone else.

Come on ! Stop Kidding, and showing pity on yourself. Sexual preference has nothing to do with your ability or inability to solve your problems on your own. No one has forced you to live a parasitic life. Stop this non-sense, and stand up for your own good self. At least stop pretending that some “Prince Charming” will enter your life and will end all the miseries of your life. Come out of your fantasies buddy. Try to turn yourself into that Prince Charming who can end the miseries of life. Instead of looking for the support in external factors, and external bodies, why don’t you turn yourself into someone who can support others, if needed.  No one want a loser in life. Why do you want to turn yourself into a loser without even giving yourself a fair chance to fight and win?

Recognize your potential Boss! Trust me, you have already been blessed with all the capabilities to fight and win against all the odds. Everyone’s life has its own shades of grey and one needs to find one’s winning style of turning these grey shades into vibrant colors. It may appear tough, but actually it is not tough. Just need to identify our style of working and improve it for better chances of winning the game. Remember, it is all a mind game !

Pardon me if I sound rude, but that is something I could not accept and tolerate. This kind of things portray a weaker image of Homosexuality. It is okay to be weak, but it is not okay to not fight and expect someone else to fight for you. It is not okay to assume this kind of things because you are Gay !


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Again X says:

    I appreciate you buddy.
    And I’m happy that I’m a reader of your blog.

    Do you still think whether I’m 18 or not?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      I am glad Mr. “X” (Again) that you are here.

      It is hard to guess age just by reading 2-4 line of comments. I believe you that you would be above 18. I had just mentioned it to avoid any legal issues involving a minor, especially in a matter involving “love affairs”. Precaution is always better than cure, you know 😉


    2. desimunda says:

      BTW… is there any progress between you and your “Traveling Partner”?


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