First Crush (Part -2)

(Continued from previous post…)

As his constant movements were not allowing me to continue my work, I closed my laptop and moved to couch. There were two reasons, first, he couldn’t disturb me there as there was not enough space for two to accommodate. Second, I was feeling a bit tired and wanted to take a short nap, which was not possible with him being with me on the bed. This allowed me a chance to think on what he said about me.

I could not believe in what all he said about me. It was probably not all true. It might be a mix of his perception about me, his feelings for me and his wild imagination. He is also an emotional guy. When we are emotionally attached to an object (or a person), we usually tend to see the things in the color we prefer to see them, which may be far far away from the reality. Or, it may just be a case that he was flattering me to unearth some “elaborated” and “untold” truths of my past life.

But his flattering words about my “magnetic” personality gave me a reason to smile. I  normally don’t hear these kind of appreciations. It was embarrassing too. Someone told me that I was contagious. If that was true then it was like a virus, no good for anyone. I was being compared to a negative aspect of life. He might be honest, because usually frankness and truth are siblings. At least, in his expression of feelings for me, and his love for me, I could co-relate his words with his feelings for me and his affection for me. It was a very close match. That gave me a reason to dig deeper in my past, into my childhood and analyze it with a fresh perspective. I now need to see the past events from his perspective and find out if there was any truth in it.


“What happened? It’s okay if you are not comfortable in sharing your secrets with me. I cannot force you anyways.”, he jumped over me and shook me by my arm seeing no response from me for a while, and brought me out of all the thoughts I was lost in. I knew, it was not easy for him to leave me alone even for a moment, when he was around me.

I still did not say a thing. Neither did I open my eyes. It was my mistake. I forgot, that this may invite more troubles for me if I did not respond to him. Sometimes he behaves like a toddler. He wouldn’t leave me till I revert back to him or pay attention to him. He did exactly the same.

He started moving his butts up and down slowly, thereby rubbing his penis against my butts. It was already semi hard, which started getting harder with each movement. I couldn’t really understand why do I find his penis almost hard all the time, whenever I got a chance to feel it. I was also wondering if he is sexually hyper-active or a sex freak? Well… actually this should not be the case because, even though he is sexually aroused most of the times when he is with me, he refrained himself from crossing limits. He had been able to control his sex desires at the last moments, when even I lost all my control.

I turned on my side to get rid of him from this awkward pose.


And then he kissed me gently on my shoulder and whispered in my ears, “Hey Sexy ! Tell me naaa….  who was your first Crush? How was your first love experience? I want to know where do I stand in your life.”


His last words touched me deeply. His tone had turned into a serious note and lost its jovial nature while putting these words. It was not difficult to understand that probably  he was troubled with something while putting these words.

I grabbed his hand in my hand, which was wrapped around my chest, and then turned to him. He welcomed my move with a smile, but this time, it was fading away.  I looked into his eyes, and kissed him passionately, and then said, “Darling ! You are my only love of life so far. You are my first and the only crush. I am deeply in love with you.”


And, I noticed his glittering smile was back. His eyes started shining with the same confidence and naughtiness.

He kissed me back, hugged me tight, and said, “… but what about girls… I still want to hear all your childhood stories. I want to be part of your that life too.”


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