First Crush (Part -1)

I felt a sudden strong vibration on the bed, and before I could understand what was wrong, I noticed his head resting on my lower back. I looked around and found that he had jumped over the bed like an uncivilized ape creating an earth-quake like situation on the bed.


Seeing him smiling on his stupid act, I ignored him and resumed my work on my laptop computer. He was all set, and planned. He slowly moved a bit over me to distract me and draw my attention. Obviously, his frequent movements, were not allowing me to type correctly.

“You must be very popular among your classmates, especially among the girls.”, He asked, while holding the book in his hands.

“Yeah… ! I was lucky to have good number of friends”, I replied casually. I could not understand the logic behind this question. Why all of a sudden he was interested in my student life today? I was puzzled, trying to figure out his actual intention behind this question. He hardly ever said anything which was useless or out of context.  I turned back to read his expressions.

Looking at my blank face, he tried to explain me, “I mean, you are already damn cute and sexy, with sharp and attractive features. You have a magnetic personality that attracts everyone. I am sure many girls would have been competing to get close to you.”

His explanation was again focused on “Girls” and I. There would definitely be something cooking in his mind,  but what exactly could it be? I was busy making all this sort of analysis and wild guess, and he was looking at my face.

Probably, he figured out my dilemma, and curiosity about his questions, so he added without further waiting for my reply, to make it more clear. “You know, when I saw you very first day when you entered this room for inspection, my eyes automatically started following you, unintentionally. I lost control over my thoughts and my senses. It was you who was controlling it after entering in this room. That day, I had prayed to the Almighty, to make it happen (to make you stay here with me) many times, and you see that my honest prayers were accepted and I am blessed with your company and friendship. You probably don’t know what charm do you possess! It’s invasive and contagious. Your presence impacts deeply, and penetrates through the heart, and that’s too within a very short interval. That’s why I was wondering, you know…., when you can make it happen to a rather rude, hard guy like me, how could have you managed to spend your time among girls, who are gifted with excess of emotions and sentiments. I am eager to know about your childhood, about your first crush, if you please don’t mind sharing it with me.”

He now sounded quite honest. I could see his intentions now, at least what he had portrayed to me.

(To be continued…)


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