Strengths and Weaknesses

People want to succeed in their lives.

And our assumption is that we need to strengthen ourselves to fight against all odds. We should not become weak physically, mentally or emotionally or in any other way, otherwise we may loose our chances of winning the game in life.

That’s why, we have got the notions or strengths and weaknesses associated with success and failure respectively in our mind. Probably that’s why most of the people tend to eliminate or minimize their weaknesses and focus more on strengthening their stronger points to make sure that success is with them. That’s so not true. We will see how, in a short while.

We all have some strengths and some weaknesses. This world runs on the same principle, as that of electricity, which cannot work with only one thing either +ve or -ve. It has to be both, positive and negative combined together. The only thing we need to maintain is the equilibrium between these two to let the current (life) flow freely. Proper balance between levels of positive and negative trends of life is the only thing that need to be considered.

Second thing to be noticed is there is nothing which is “absolute” in this world. Everything keeps on changing and is relatively defined. Absoluteness is just “stopping the progress” or in other simpler words, is “stopping the life”. That holds good for strengths and weakness too. Something we considered as our strength in our childhood, may have lost its significance now, or actually might turn into a weakness in current contexts. Then.. how do we ensure that we succeed? Simple… be focused on the final target.

Instead of wasting our time and energy on what strengths we need, and what weakness we should eliminate (or avoid), we need to keep our eye focused on “what is our target”. Anything, that hinders our journey to the target or deviates us from our target would be our weakness in the context of achieving our defined Goal, doesn’t matter what label you put on it – “Strength” or “Weakness”.

  1. So, in order to succeed, define a goal to be achieved.
  2. List the pre-requisites (dependencies) to be met, and the other ingredients that would be required to achieve your goal.
  3. Prepare a plan, utilizing the ingredients.
  4. Review your plan, eliminate redundant things, or ingredients, and add what supports the cause.
  5. Act on your plan.

Repeat above steps 2 to 5 on regular basis, preferably after every milestone achieved in journey to your defined target.

Hopefully, you would be able to make it easier for yourself to achieve the target.


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