You should know the limits!“, I was trying to scold him.

But it was totally ineffective, as there was a big smile on his face.

No! I am serious this time. Can’t I have a little privacy?“, I looked at his face, with a serious expression, expecting him to pay attention to my concerns.


Oh Yes! You have full privacy all the time.“, he chuckled while pointing to my penis with his finger in my underwear.

Shut up ! You know I don’t like all this non-sense. Why do you jump all the time between me and my parents?“, I was furious with his interference every time I receive a call from my parents.

It’s been 3+ months since I left my home and I moved here. I haven’t seen them since then. I miss them a lot. There is a little time in this busy schedule of life, when I can talk my heart with my Mom. But this stupid fella, he always interrupts us. It is a deliberate act.

Usually, the (Indian) marketing and management people are very flattering, talkative and diplomatic. He (my roomie) leads this whole breed of such intellectuals. He knows the magic. The magic to turn strangers into friends.

His style of communication is so powerful and mesmerizing, that will make one feel that he (or she) is one of the old buddies or family. This holds equally good even if you haven’t seen his cute, naughty smile on his innocent looking face. At times, cute looks and smiling faces have deeper impacts. He is blessed with both. I realized his magical powers when he made my parents fall for him after just a couple of formal conversations over phone call.

He is actually exploiting weakness of my parents, especially that of my Mom. Being the only son, I was always the center of attention in the family. I had never been away from my parents or my home earlier. Now, when I am away from home, all alone, for more than 3 months now, it is quite normal for them to be worried about their only son, who in their opinion, may not be fit to stay alone and take care of himself. They are always very much concerned about my health, my friends circle, my routine day to day activities etc.

Initially when I moved here, my parents were very concerned and wanted to know each and every thing about me. They wanted to assure themselves that I am doing just fine, and that I am safe here. They did not believe me on this thing during our telephonic conversations. They assumed that I won’t discuss any of my problems with them as it may add to their worries. They needed a correspondent, a kind of eyewitness to deliver them my daily reports via news feed to them. They were lucky ! My roomie served their needs. It was natural that they started spending more time with him over phone on regular basis.

After a few days, the miracle happened. He (my Roomie) got promoted, not in office though. Till now, he was just my roommate, for my parents.  But slowly, he first earned himself the position of my close friend within a few days, and then finally he was being considered as a part of family, by my Mom. Whenever she talked to me, she made sure that she called at a time when he was available around me.

And now, he is even more importantly being considered as a mentor, as a policeman, and as a care taker for me – in short, as my elder brother, by my Parents. They have got full confidence in him. Whatever he tells them about me, they believe it whole-heartily, without even questioning its reliability. They believe he is really very concerned about me, and that he obeys their instructions to keep an eye on me and take care of me. He too is doing it perfectly to exploit their weakness and to earn their confidence in him. He tells them every small or big details of me – how many times I sneezed today, or if I was cheerful tonight or which movies we watched together, and that I keep on chanting my parents’ name every few minutes.

So, that’s my whole point of concern. Yes, I am jealous too. He is getting more focus and more attention than I used to get. He is in reality turning into my elder real brother. He is actually replacing me in my family.

He kept listening to me so far with a smile, almost silently. After I stopped blabbering, he came closer to me, held me from my shoulder, and then grabbed my hand in his hand and moved it to his waist. My other hand automatically covered him from his waist. He pulled me towards him, looked for a moment on my lips, and kissed me.


And then said, “Thanks to you, I am blessed once again with mom’s love. I was not so lucky otherwise. You filled in colors of love in my colorless life, and now I once again have a loving family.“, and then kissed me once again.

It melted my heart. It was his true feelings and he was really hungry for love. I felt a deep affection for him, and all my wrath suddenly disappeared. I grabbed him firmly from his back and pulled him closer to me and then kissed him passionately. Our bodies were embracing each-other and were complimenting the love and feelings between us.

Then I asked him, “I don’t like it when you are getting all my share of love and attention from my Mom. It’s okay that she loves you, but you should not interfere between me and my Mom. Why are you snatching my Mom’s love from me?

He smiled, and said, “She is not just your Mom now. She granted me the status of her elder Son. So, I deserve my share of love too. Instead… I have to work hard to make a good impression on her as I have dual relationship with her.

Surprized by his  answer, I looked into his eyes,  and asked, “Dual relationship?

He said, “Of course yes! My loving Mom, and ….

And…????“, I was totally puzzled now…

My MIL (Mother-in-Law)…“, he winked with a wide smile on his face.


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  1. Alex says:

    That was an awesome way to end that chapter!! I hope the next chapter comes out soon.

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  2. shruti says:

    Good narration….love the way you express yourself ….looking forward to hear more from you

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    1. desimunda says:

      Thank you Shruti. Even I am liking the way you read between the lines. :)… and capturing the (real) essence of it.


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