My New Personal Trainer

Once in a blue moon, it happens to me.

My roomie has a good shape and body built. He used to go to gym earlier so shapes, cuts and contours can be seen easily in his body. I am rather a lazy guy. I need tonnes of motivation factor and push-up, and a regular gym buddy to accompany me in gym and exercise routines.

Now, this blue-moon re-appeared after a long time gap. A long sensational and motivational speech from my roomie, Rio Olympics, and the movie “Sultan”, all contributed to rise of this blue moon, and I prepared myself to resume physical exercise on routine basis. Poor me !

He was ready to be my trainer. Since, I was starting, his suggestion was that I should start with light exercises and Yoga to increase the flexibility and stamina. So, he explained me a few warm-up exercises and a few “excellent”  Yoga-Aasnas.


So, my Yoga-Guru and personal trainer, cum lover, demonstrated how to do the Bridge Aasna, and Surya Namashkaar. It helps a lot in increasing the flexibility of body.

To start with he advised me to initially take support of wall (when he is not around me to support) for a better support and balance and then slowly increase the angle as the flexibility increases. The pose looks like following:


I don’t know why is it happening now-a-days but I have started admiring a lot, his looks and his body. His body now kind of appeals me. I want to keep on looking at him for long time and touch it. I want to hold him in my arms.

When he was bent as a bow, in the bridge shape, many nasty thoughts puzzled my mind. My attention diverted from his instructions to his body and how could I play with him. First thing that came to my mind was to take revenge of all the tickling-torture he had been doing to me from time to time. It was a good time and place too.

Now, you try it!“, he ordered while getting back to his stable position slowly. His order interrupted me in my naughty plans. I got up from bed, went to the place where he was demonstrating over the carpet, and carefully started bending slowly. I could not pay attention to his instructions about inhaling and exhaling during steps and bending, so I was kind of careless in taking due precautions. As a result, I over-stretched my muscles and lost my balance.

He came to my rescue as I was unable to get up on my own. I caught terrible pain due to muscle strains. He grabbed me in his arms and helped me to get back to my bed.


Now, after first day of learning and a trial, I am on bed rest, and medication. The pain in lower back is so terrible that I am unable to do any body movements due to muscle strains and pain. That’s why this week’s post is a little early this week as I took two days off from my office, and he took two days off to be with me all the time to support me and my basic needs.

So friends, the moral of the story is – focus on what you are doing. Give value to your teacher’s instructions instead of your nasty thoughts and his/her body when s/he is sharing the something with you.

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