Victims and the Support

Today’s thought process is a bit different from my regular posts. It is not about my love story. But I felt compelled to share it. It is about Sexual Abuse. Although it is a prominent issue in LGBT community, but that is not point of concern for this post as far as it is based upon mutual understanding. What I am going to discuss is about forced-sex or “Rape”.

Have you ever felt the sufferings of a person who is victim of this heinous crime? Have you ever given it a thought for a moment, how cruel it could be to an innocent life? It is a thing that does not differentiate between sex of the person, age or race when impacting their lives adversely.

These sex hungry people become so blind-folded that they cannot even understand how disgusting their act is and how cruel they have become to the individual and the society. It is inhumane.  Besides, the people, acquaintances, friends, relatives, colleagues and every other person who has to deal with the victim, need to be more sensitive to their condition and needs.

Our society has double standards. We need to be extra careful about these things. A victim already has much more complex things to deal with, like physiological and psychological trauma, crushed self-respect, identity crisis, severe depression,  etc. We should not add to his/her burden with our over dose of curiosity and sympathy. Everyone has a different level of maturity, and different capacity to handle emotional turmoil. For some, it could be extra hard as they could be more sensitive to several aspects. For males, it becomes even harder because they cannot share it with anyone. They cannot complaint or even raise their voice against this sexual-violence to them because it makes them an easy target for jokes and further embarrassment.  It may eventually turn their life into a hell and a common topic of jokes between others. It may spoil their complete life including career and married life. A Man is considered to play the role of a “Hero”  or “Macho man” in our society who is capable of saving his spouse when in such a danger. Not able to save himself, puts a big question mark to his masculinity and also hurts the ego.

To add the salt to the pepper, the worst part is that there could be threats to his life, or he may be getting blackmailed by the rapists because he may now seem like a danger to their freedom. So, it becomes necessary for all of us to be sensitive to the needs of the victim and help him in winning over his confidence and support him to regain his normal life with least troubles from our side.

So, next time we want to help someone, lets empathize with him/her and understand it how we can really help him/her. A helping hand is always very welcome, but mode of help is what defines whether it is really going to be a help or a burden to the victim.


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  1. adoreabhijit says:

    I love you for this post!!! I really do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      Thank you, Abhijit. Not everyone has that heart to feel the sensitivity of the topic and pain of the victim. There are hundreds of follow ups and ping backs for my love story related posts…..but hardly a few visitors to this post. It is not just a post for me.


  2. Vikram says:

    I agree wit ur facts but this society s least bothered abt dis so we ve to help ourself in dis situations..


  3. Rajnish says:

    I agree with you. Coz i had faced such sexual abuse get blackmailed when i was a child .no one was there with whom i can share my problem.


  4. rajnish says:

    I really agree with you. Coz i had faced such thing. When i was child. Blackmailed and force to do all shit one was there to whom i can say any thing.


    1. desimunda says:

      I can understand the kind of suffering you would have gone through. This is a curse and the problem is that punishment has to be borne by victim instead of the criminal.

      That’s why I wrote my thoughts here to share with my friends and readers so that they get a new perspective and become more sensitive to the needs of such victims.


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