Love is Love – Part 1

This incident is a bit old.. and untold, but worth mentioning it here so I decided to add it today.

After his wild and dominating display of love and affection during my bath time, I was literally scared of his new and unknown “Avataar”. That’s why I asked him next day why he behaved this way with me? He listened to me patiently and then replied. He was very calm, and clear. Initially I was upset with his response, but later my introspection made me realize, he was not wrong. This incident falls in the timeline after this discussion with him.

His reply kept my mind occupied whole day. That night, I once again started this topic with him. I was unsure of where “our” life is moving us?  What is “our” future etc.?

I like one more thing about him that he is a good listener. He pays attention to what I am talking to him. Although at times, he may appear to be in light mood and it may look like he is taking things lightly but actually he pays attention to all the concerns with due diligence. I am sure he would be very popular among his colleagues and they would really be very happy to work with such a fun-filled and jovial person.

That night, I was already in my bed when he joined me on the other side of bed. He slowly drifted towards me and started playing with my earlobe and then started moving his finger on my cheek. He usually starts with soft and sensual touch, which is extremely effective, at least to me. It gave me a tickling sensation.


He had been gradually and continually cultivating a new “understanding” between us. I was also not that much restrictive to him now, as I used to be some time back. I stopped objecting him on his every intimate touch to my body or cuddling with me.  He kept on increasing this on a steady pace till I accepted it whole-heartily as a normal routine of our life. Not even a single day passed when he allowed me to stay away from him. I got so used-to him being around me, specially during night, that it felt abnormal and uneasy to sleep if he is not hugging me or cuddling with me. He successfully managed to secure an indispensable place in my life, physically.

I did not respond back and flipped down. He moved on top of me and started licking my ear. His body was touching mine, from thighs to thighs, and his chest resting on my back. I could clearly feel his semi-hard crotch pressing against my hips with intermittent slow movements in that area. That made me smile at his presence of mind and naughtiness. It also evaporated the rage I was carrying for him for being so forceful to me last night. He always discovers new styles, which are hardly repeated ever. It not only keeps me intrigued in guessing what is going to happen next, but also makes it all a curious and fun activity.


 “Okay ! Stop it.“, I said with a smile while trying to flip myself on the bed. He got off my back and as soon as I turned upside he once again got on top of me, hugged me tightly and started kissing on my neck. I cannot tolerate tickling, and he knew it. Finally, I had to surrender to him, “Okay.. okay.. please stop it now“, I requested him out of bursts of laughter due to tickling sensation from his kisses.


When he saw, it is more than enough for me to handle and when he was satisfied, he got down. In a few moments, when I turned to him to talk, he hugged me tight and kept his lips on my chest. I was feeling his warm breath on my chest and his wet lips exploring my chest intermittently.


 “I’m sorry!….     for yesterday.“, he said in a soft tone, still covering me in his arms. I also covered him between my arm and chest. It was a token of my acceptance.

Have you ever given it a serious thought… where are we heading to? What is our future?… I mean… you know I am not even comfortable with sexual advances between us and typically may never be comfortable with anal sex specifically. Do you think we can still maintain a healthy and happy relationship between us? What are your plans for our future… I mean, what will happen when I have to go back after 10 months to finish my studies and then probably we need to get separated for ever as we don’t know where our jobs will lead us to?“, I asked him. His kissing sequence paused when I started my chain of questions, but he was still hugging me in same pose.

He did not say a word. I wanted to get more of my queries answered and assurance. I asked him again, “I had already told you in the very beginning that I don’t like you the way you like me. I agree, that probably is not completely true now, but I still don’t feel the same way all the time. Specially, I am not sure if we will be able to satisfy each other sexually. It will not be acceptable to me if anyone of us has to look outside for our sexual needs. And then, on top of that, I am still not sure of my sexual orientation yet. I don’t know if I will be able to maintain that level of commitment in our relationship.

When I finished, I just felt one more time his lips on my chest. There was still no answer to my queries. His lips were sticking to my chest at same point yet. Slowly, he moved his lips away, and I heard his soft voice reflecting from my chest. “I am very clear on my mind what I want. I just want you, dear. I have confirmed you many times, it is my feeling for you. You have no obligations to me.“,  He said.

He continued after a small pause, “Did I ever demand anything from you or put any restrictions on you? I know what I want and what I am doing. It is altogether a different story whether or not it is in my fate. You are not involved in it. You are free always to enjoy your life the way you want it or your parents want you to do. I am happy in seeing you happy. I assure you I won’t ever bother you in that case.

There was a silence between us for a while. After some time, he kissed once again on my chest and came even closer to me and hugged me tightly and said, “Now, free your mind of all tensions, and relax. I will do as you want me to do. Have I ever done anything that might hurt you or go totally against your will?  I have always respected your will and your preferences over and above my needs and satisfaction. That’s why I could not proceed further last night even though I was sexually aroused, super horny and needed much more to satisfy my sexual needs. You can understand you are much more important for me than any other thing. It only needs a discharge and a hole..that can be done in grip of my hands too. There are other ways around to satisfy my sexual needs with in my limits but there is no way to see you unhappy. It hurts to me, but it is not your fault either. You still could not understand my love for you. I can never imagine anyone except you in my life.

Now, let us sleep, if you please allow me Sire ! we have to get up early in morning.“, he said and hugged me tightly once again. I could feel his chuckle and grinning smile with his lips once again touching my chest.

(Stay tuned for Concluding Part…)