Touch Therapy (Part-2)

(Continued from … Part 1)

I tried to cover up my leaking penis with my hand but he quickly hugged me tightly and grabbed me in his arms so that I could not move my hands down. Then he inserted his thighs in between my legs to make more room for what he was doing. He started pushing my hard, leaking penis and balls up with his thighs. Every movement of his thigh was now more effective and powerful. He made sure that he was not only touching and pressing the tip of my penis but also that he was able to press my balls gently. His head was resting on my chest close to my nipples but he did nothing there except a few gentle kisses intermittently. His all attention was on my penis and movement of his things.

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In one or two thrusts, my penis was rock-hard and was continually leaking more liquid. The strange thing was I was not feeling exhausted, and that it was not limp even after it was leaking for a long time, as usually it happens after ejaculation (during masturbation).  I believe it was probably not a full ejaculation.

He then moved his hand from my chest, rested it on my navel and then played there with his fingers momentarily, and then grabbed my leaking penis and balls along with the wet underwear. I don’t know whether he was exploring the area with his hands or was trying to get hold of my hard penis along with my balls but it took him a few moments before he finally grabbed both and started squeezing it. I could not stop myself from moaning. There were no thoughts in my mind. There was no resistance either to what he was doing to me this time. The only thing I could sense and understand was warm touch of his body with my body and up and down motion of his thigh between my legs with his hand fondling with my balls and wet penis. His thigh was constantly touching and rubbing the sensitive area near my crotch.

I couldn’t understand what happened to my inner-conscience which always had been a barrier between us so far. It eloped! I didn’t understand where my shyness had disappeared that day. I wasn’t feeling shy at all when someone was touching my private parts. I wasn’t feeling repelled from him or his actions this time.

I too embraced him tightly. But after a few minutes of fondling with my leaking penis, he relieved it. He brought his hand wet with my leaked liquid, close to his nose, sniffed and then licked it. (eeeyaa.. ! Disgusting!!)

I was thinking of kissing him but after this act I dropped the idea.

He just kept on holding my hand, and his thigh movements started diminishing slowly. He rested his thigh on my penis. He kissed me twice on my chest and then rested his head on my chest. Probably, he was planning to sleep. I was still feeling intermittent pulses and jumping of his penis in his underwear which was pressing against my body. It was hard too. That means he had not ejaculated yet. Why the hell he stopped it then? My rock hard penis and balls were getting heavier… if it was not unloaded soon, it would start pain.

I was frustrated by this attitude. He had been doing it with me all the time. All the three times in the past, when he had seduced me, he charged me high, made my penis rock-hard and when I was desperate to unload, he left me hanging with a hard-on penis. This half-love-making was beyond my understanding. This charged, un-loaded penis later caused me terrific pain in my balls and around penis. It was clear to me now, that he was doing it intentionally.

I caressed his hair, and asked him “What happened? Why do you stop at the last moment? You have been very unfair to me in the past too. Why do you do this all the time? ”

 He looked at me in my eyes, and asked as an innocent child, “What have I done now?”

I complained, “KLPD (ask uncle Google, if you don’t know what is KLPD)! You have been very cruel to me and doing it all the time, intentionally. Why are you doing it to me? I suffer with pain later.”

When I finished my sentence, there were tears in his eyes. He moved up, took my head in his head and kissed on my forehead. I felt a warm drop of water falling close to my eyes when he got back. He said, “I am really sorry dear, you are right I have been cruel to you. You had to suffer pains because of me.” He paused momentarily. I could clearly see more tears rolling off his eyes. I had no idea that my words could actually hurt him so deep.

He continued, “Actually I did not intend to do it. It happened because of my stupidity. I was being too cautious on not going against your rules and prejudices. I did not want to do anything that may upset your mood.”

I wiped off his tears. My touch intensified his feelings and he hugged me tightly. I kept of repeating it and asking for my forgiveness in different phrases, “Sorry! Sorry my dear love. How can I be so stupid and self-centered that I caused you suffering? I am guilty.”

I caressed his hair while he was still hugging me, and then embraced him tightly and started moving my hand on his back to soothe him down. He has a smooth body, soft like a baby. A little later, I grabbed his left hand from back of my neck in my right hand and slid it through my underwear and made him grab my penis. Oh my God! His direct touch on my penis was so sensational for me to bear it. It instantly released a lot of adrenaline in my body. Feeling his hand inside my underwear and in direct touch of my balls and penis, made him go wild too. His fingers were now trying different games with my balls and penis.

He got up, kissed me on lips passionately and then slowly moved his head back in between my chest and belly while he continued caressing my penis and balls with his hand. He explored the full length of my penis with his hand and then reached the tip of it. He started exploring mouth of my penis with his index finger. It was a kind of tickling sensation for me which was sexually very provoking too. I realized for the first time how sensitive this small area is to human touch. My eyes got closed in ecstasy. I started moaning in very slow voice, and then I felt a bite on my left nipple. It made my penis jump even within captivity of his hand.  He noticed the signal and next he grabbed my nipple in his lips and pulled it off while his hands were still busy with my penis. He covered my balls with rest of his fingers and started squeezing in and out. My breathing pace was increasing and moaning became a little louder. He started jerking my penis, giving it in and out swings alternately. It did not take long when I finally unloaded and all his hand was terribly covered by it. He did not take his hand out, instead he just rested it there and slowly massaged my penis and my balls with my own sperm till it went limp in couple of minutes.

His hand was still there and he was covering me from penis to my chest, with his head lying on my mid chest. I closed my eyes as I was feeling sleepy. Last word I said to him was, “Thank You.”

He replied it with a kiss on my chest and rested his head on where he kissed me. I realized the power and effects to Human-Touch for the first time that I won’t be able to forget easily. The Touch Therapy could be an amazing tool if used properly.

After some time, when I regained my consciousness, I asked him, “BTW… why did you say you were self-centered? You were all thinking about me and trying it because you did not want to upset me. How does it make you self-centered?”

He looked back in my eyes, winked with a smile, and said, “I also wanted you to feel the similar pain and sufferings that I was undergoing for a long time when you did not allow me to proceed beyond certain limits of just kissing and smooching that’s too I had to force it on you sometimes. But believe me, I had absolutely no idea that it may cause you physical pain.”


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  1. adoreabhijit says:

    Oh honey! This might be the hottest, and yet, the most innocent post i have read… 😛
    BTW that liquid which was leaking is called pre cum, it acts as a natural lubricant

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      I was initially scared… that probably I might have got some STD.. or some other problem.. ! Thanks. I google the term and found it is normal… a bit relaxed now. Just wondering .. is it normal…could it be leaked in such large amount also?


    2. desimunda says:

      btw.. I am extremely happy to see your foot-prints back after a long gap on my blog.


  2. Ajay says:

    Oh God, Apart from the all the hot action you two are getting in to, I could see that you two are (especially you) becoming more and more mature, by ways of accepting your faults, saying Sorry to each other and most importantly acting on your impulses and still not feeling angry or guilty in the end, as opposed to the previous such encounters… Wish you two the Best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      I am wondering … are you a psychologist?


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