Understanding Love

Kabali is getting released today.. Let’s go to PVR to watch a show tonight.“, said my roomie while entering the room and throwing his bag on the bed when he returned from office.

It was Friday evening, and the mood was already set to enjoy the weekend after a tiring work-load of 5 days.

He was looking very enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic. He smiled at me and then went to toilet to pee.

It was again a cloudy night and there were good chances of rain. All the three symptoms, combined with his body language and his energy level, combined together were enough to give me shivers down my spine. Last movie we watched together did not leave a pleasant memories for me. I was almost “raped” technically.

He came back zipping up his trouser, and said, “We need to hurry or we may miss the movie. Hurry up ! Get ready fast… by the way.. you always look attractive even if you are in the shorts.“, He smirked finishing this line.

No, I have something important to finish today. I am sorry I cannot join you tonight. Why don’t you go with you friends instead?“, I suggested him.  There was a little office task pending with me but it was not so important and certainly did not need highest priority. I was looking for a modest way to avoid any situations or conflicts with him. I was actually feeling scared too when the memories of last time flashed my mind.

A clear “No” made his smile disappear. Probably he might have also understood the actual reason of my denial. It was quite obvious. He kept staring at my face and somehow it made me feel uncomfortable. I could not continue to look into his eyes and quickly resumed working on my laptop.

Chal Naa Yaar ! (Hey! let’s go please) Don’t spoil the mood. You can finish it (work) tomorrow. I will also help you.“, he insisted in a pleading tone and tapped on my shoulder.

I knew, he is a movie-freak and enjoys it a lot. It is one of our common interests.

I am really sorry, but I can’t go.“, I replied without looking back at him.

This time, he started un-dressing himself without saying a word.

This is the one thing that I really like about him. He understands me more than I do. He understands “what”…”where” … “when”.. and “how much” is just enough to deal with me or when it may be irritating me.  In fact, if he would have insisted again, even one more time,  I would have started feeling bad of being guilty. Guilty of being stubborn, self-centered, spoiling his happy mood, etc. etc. It becomes hard for me to live with all such things and it irritates me more than anything that I can manage.

I was already not feeling good and did not want him to skip his weekend plans for me. I requested him, “Hey ! why don’t you call XXXX (one of his close office friends he names frequently in our conversations) and two of you go and enjoy the movie together? We may plan something later. I don’t want you to skip your plans because of me.”

Naaaaaah …. !“, he said, with a very unusual expression on his face, which was like an expression of disappointment when you’ve lost something very important and long awaited … and then took two paper slips (most probably the movie tickets he might have already bought for us) from his shirt’s pocket and torned it in two parts, and continued, “It is nothing like that. All I want is to be with you. So, I will enjoy more where you are with me.

Moral of the Story: If it is love, it is understanding, or in other words – “Love is Understanding”.


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