Touch Therapy (Part-1)

Next morning, it was a pleasant start of the day for me.

I was asleep, when I felt a caring and loving touch caressing my hair. I felt being at home as it reminded me of how my Mom used to wake me up.


I opened my eyes slowly. It was my other Mom, my Roomie. I now agree, “Touch” is also a powerful therapy if used effectively. His caring touch,  refreshed my emotions to a new level and strengthened the bonding between us.

I looked at him. He leaned over, kissed me gently and then wished me a Good Morning with a cute smile. That feeling really made my day. I started feeling myself in a more homely environment and attached to him. I did not have any grudges or restrictions for him now. The feeling was so strong that even if he would have asked me for being physical at that moment, I would not have denied him. May be that I am an emotional fool but that is something beyond my control.

I smiled back, grabbed his arm and held it close to my chest and closed back my eyes. I was already half asleep and wanted to go back to sweet memories of my Mom with me. His hand was now close to my heart and his forearm was touching parts of my chest and upper half of belly. Slowly, this “new” touch with breathing movements of my belly started distracting me and all the attention got diverted from my Mom to my Roomie touching me.

Morning erection is something most of us are familiar with. On top of this, his touch was adding fuel to fire. He probably sensed it (I guess) and then I felt a little movement of his hand around my chest. His fingers reached my nipple and he started moving it up and down on tip of my left nipple. He always does something like this.. to make the situation go out of my control. He perfectly knows how to exploit my weaknesses.

My already semi-hard penis was quick to respond to his stimulating actions. It got in full shape and size in no time and started throbbing intermittently as if it was challenging him to have one-on-one fight with it.

I was just making failed attempts to divert my attention away from this bio-chemical reaction to something else. I did not open my eyes as I could not decide how to handle it. Rock hard penis with increasingly throbbing pulses, and constant nipple play blocked thinking capabilities of my mind. But his mind was working sharply. He did not take another moment to waste any more time and laid down over me, covering my body from front. My hard-penis was now sensing his thighs which were pressing it back as if its challenge to fight had been accepted and reverted back. His warm body was now fully covering mine and every inch of my body was in touch with his body.


It did not take long when touch of his body, and thighs pressing and slowly rubbing my throbbing penis made it cry foul. The brave-heart penis had started leaking something. It was a good amount of liquid which both of us could sense easily. I was able to feel greasy, a bit cold liquid around tip with in my underwear and his thigh would already be feeling the wetness of my underwear. It was strange that besides so much liquid, my penis was not willing to give up. Usually it loses erection after ejaculation. It was not exactly a full ejaculation but it was leaking a lot (don’t know if it is any sexual weakness or some disease.. I probably need to consult a physician or sexologist). But even after all this he did not stop. Rather, he started moving his thighs slowly to give small thrusts and rub my penis.

(to be continued…)


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