Khulaa Darbaar (after effects of Alcohol)

Last night, he had an office party with his colleagues, which later turned in to a personal party after his client’s visit was over. I am really not sure if he drinks (have not seen him in this condition earlier) or someone among his colleagues played a prank with him. He is insisting that he stays away from drinks (read “Alcohol”) and is teetotaler and that yesterday also he only took soft-drinks (no alcohol or hard drinks or beer etc.) but when he returned home (actually his friend dropped him home as he was not in a condition to drive) he was passed-out. The morning scene of my (our) bed was something like this:


The effect of drink was very obvious in night itself when he came back to the room at around 2 AM. I had to help him undress and take off his shoes etc. He was not completely conscious and was needing a support while standing or changing his clothes. The  hangover was not over till 10:00 AM today. I have read online and seen in a few movies that strong coffee helps to get out of such hangover so I tried to wake him up, offered him Coffee twice but it did not help much. He is complaining about terrible headache and fast asleep once again after taking coffee.

He did not take anything…no breakfast..  no water..  absolutely nothing… just sleeping like Kumbhkaran ! It is around more than 12:00 PM now… half of the day has already gone. Is it normal?  What should I do? Any suggestions or help guys?   Does he need to see a doctor? I also don’t know anything about hangover and Alcohols… so any advice would be appreciated…  (quick home-remedies preferred).


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  1. Ashuthosh says:

    Give some butter milk with lemon drops in it to him… Its best way to get down the headache… Try it.


    1. desimunda says:

      Will definitely try..btw.. is it sweet one or salted one?
      one more thought…. is Amul Chhachh.. (butter milk) a good option.. healthy one to be used in this rainy season.. later he may blame me if he catches cold or anything.
      BTW.. he is awake now.. and doing better.. he already took some medicines for headache and drowsiness. I will ask him if he would like to go with your suggested remedy.


  2. Ashuthosh says:

    Its cold outside he may get cold as u said … Just give lemon juice may be salted with some pinch of salt or sweet with honey in it or if u cant make it just buy soda should be of lemon not sprite or mountain dew..It immediately relaxes him and get rid of head ache..


  3. Neelesh says:

    I love this blog and this story!!!

    You have an amazing life!!! 😀

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  4. Alex says:

    If he still has headaches give him a head massage. I would help plus it would “spice” things up a bit

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    1. desimunda says:

      Excellent idea, Alex… but your suggestion came late…


  5. james mcvey's fan says:

    u are so lucky to get someone like him… I’ve read all your stories and I really like it…👍


    1. desimunda says:

      Thank you James, for your time and appreciation. Sometimes, even I feel that I am really lucky and I am blessed. He is really very caring (for me till now), and looks like .. (probably) he really loves me. I hope, it is not an infatuation for both of us. I like him.


  6. shruthi says:

    So what happened to you guys…..yaar I want to know….you narrate well….i hope you find happiness 😊

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    1. desimunda says:

      Next one…coming up shortly… sorry for delay. I am feeling motivated that someone is waiting for me to share my love story.

      I now usually get time on weekends.. so posts are published on weekly basis.


  7. Anonymous says:

    So…..what happened to you guys….waiting to know more


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