Style… Delhites ka !!!

There is a famous filmi dialog for Delhites… “Dilli Dilwalon ki

But if you really want to see the Dilli Walon ka Badaa Dil (big heart of Delhites) need to go to one of the terminating Delhi-Metro stations, such as Gurgaon Huda City Center or Central Secretariat (some of the violet line metro run between Mujessar (Faridabad) to Central Secretariat), that’s too in peak office hours between 7-9 AM and 5-8 PM.

Indiscipline, ill-manners, impatience, arrogance, all you can find in a common Delhite by virtue of being a Delhite. After all, New Delhi being capital of India, deserves something extra. They create problems for simple things and make it more complex and then tend to criticize the sytem, and others.

Take a simple example. At the terminating metro stations, everyone is eagerly willing to hop in a seat in metro coach for a comfortable journey. I agree, it is a very painful and tiring experience if someone has to commute all the way standing still for almost an hour or so or even more than that ( some times upto 2+ hours for some people). I am not asking that you don’t grab a seat. All I am saying is why do people not respect the simple rules of life, like first come, first served or follow a queue system? There is a sudden stampede as soon as metro train’s doors are open. It is so dangerous that people may get critically hurt, especially the senior citizen, ladies and children. But no one cares for others. All they care is – winning the forte, grab a seat and own it for next 1+ hour or so on an average. Why don’t  people learn to respect and follow the simple things which make our life easy such as “right of the way” on the road,  the rules of the road, and “First come, First served” ?

Life is much easier, controlled, and balanced, when we follow the rules.When we learn to respect and value the system and feel pride in setting up examples in front of others.


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  1. Sridhar says:

    Sounds like Dilli metro becoming Mumbai suburban rail.

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    1. desimunda says:

      Yesterday I overheard when de-boarding the metro…that Mumbai sub-urban rail is better than Delhi Metro now.


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