I was with my laptop, as usual, after dinner, on my side of bed and he was on his bed with his laptop. The melodious ring tone of my cell phone broke the silence in the room. The phone was kept on the small table close to my roomie’s bed. He picked up my phone to hand it over to me while glancing the caller’s photo appearing on the screen. (Again, a sort of breach of my privacy by my roomie, but I can ignore it for the moment). It was Divyangana, a beautiful girl, with attractive features from my office. We do not work in same department but still we have developed a good bonding.

Divyangana was an un-invited guest in my birthday treat that I had thrown for a few selected colleagues and was accompanying a common friend who introduced her to me in my birthday party. Later, I came to know that she had specifically planned it (to be a guest in my birthday party) and asked her friend to introduce her to me.

There is something special about Divyangana. Besides having very charming looks, she possesses a deadly combination of witty personality and jovial nature which resembles the free flowing water-fall. She is free from all sort of dubious restrictions and orthodox rituals and very accommodating (adjusts to the situations and people as and when necessary). She becomes a kid among kids and at the same time intelligent among matures. She is modern (as per my life-style, who belongs to a not so big metropolitan area, I would say her life style is modern and contemporary), yet very down to earth. We enjoy spending time with each other and like each-others’ company whenever we get spare time. I am a little bit shy, especially when it comes to deal with girls, but with Divyanagana I never felt like she is a stranger to me.

Lately, we did not get enough time to see each other because of the obvious reasons, first due to my leaves from office when my roomie was admitted to emergency room. I had to take a few days leaves to take care of him for initial few days and then when I joined the office, I had a huge load of back-log piled up to be finished as per the project schedule. Further, My mind was totally occupied with worries and concerns for my roomie’s condition that I just did not like spending any extra moments in office after office hours and used to rush back home to see the roomie at the earliest.

Hi Divya“, I said answering the call.

Hey Sexy !  Missing me?“,  she yelled from the other side.  That made me think, if she considers me a desperate “Tharki” (pervert) to “miss” a sexy girl during bed time? Was it a compliment for her beauty (which she really deserves) or a comment or under-valuation of my personality in her eyes? But knowing her jovial and out-spoken nature, I knew it was just her regular style of talking to friends.

I blushed and looked around and noticed that my roomie was staring at me. She was loud enough that can make a “speaker-phone” useless. I thanked God that my Parents were not around at this moment, otherwise they would have mis-understood their good, meritorious, obedient boy for a “Gone-case” (Maa da laadla bigad gayaa… !)

Staring of my roomie made me realize that I need a little more “privacy” to continue talking to Divyangana and ran outside my room towards the balcony.

eh…. Yeah..!   Tell me..  how are you doing?“, I replied in a slow-voice while moving out of the room.

Arre yaar..!  mujhe kya hona hai… I am fine, achchhaa suno !!” ( Dear, I am just fine, OK, listen to me), she replied, and continued in her own flow…..

Maa badaulat tumse bahut khush hain…” (Her-highness (referring to herself) is very pleased with you)…

Aur … tumhein … tumhari mazdoori ka inaam dena chahte hain…” (and want to reward you for your hard-work…)

Iss liye humne decide kiya hai ki… ye Sunday evening tumhaare naam ki jaye…” (that’s why I have decided to spend this Sunday evening in your company).

She finished the sentence like a member of a Royal family whose decision was all final and obligatory for me to follow.

I turned my head and to my surprise, I found my roommate standing at a close distance in the balcony. He was close enough to hear our conversations.

(… to be continued… )


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