Adorable Love-Guru’s Advice – (Part 2)

(Contd. from previous post…)

I don’t know when I fell asleep diving deep in to my favorite fantasies of foreplay and nipple-play. I woke-up when I felt small vibrations in my bed. Delhi NCR has recently seen a few earth-quakes. To be sure if it is really a vibration or earthquake, I turned towards the window which was on my roomie’s side of bed, to see if windows are also swinging or vibrating due to earth-quake. But what I saw was something similar to following:


This earth-quake (or actually my bed-quake) was result of my roomie’s hand-actions. He was lying bare-chested with his nipples erect and was stroking his already hard tool with one hand while caressing his left-nipple with left thumb. He was breathing aggressively with open mouth and was looking super-horny.

For a moment, I kept on catching the glimpses of what I just saw. He was not aware of me noticing his stormy actions. Seeing him playing with his nipples started hardening my tool too. I don’t know why I did it but something unexpected happened next.

I moved a bit close to him and then… grabbed him in my arms and started kissing him on on his cheek. I myself was getting a hard-on with mere touch of his body.  I moved my hand from his waist to his chest slowly rubbing his already erect nipple (which he was caressing a while ago) up to his neck area and kept it there. Base of my palm was close to his nipple and my arm was spreading from his chest to his belly.  I cannot describe the hot sensation of touching a human body like this. I kept of kissing him just like a bee is doing it to a flower. After a few seconds, he covered my hand with his left hand and started gently caressing it. It was a positive signal (I believe) for me.


I continued kissing him with eyes closed and started exploring his chest and nipple with my hand.


I opened my eyes now and could not resist my temptation to kiss on his juicy lips. He grabbed my hand in his hand which was probably making him more uncomfortable and horny. I folded my fingers to grab and rub his nipple. I could clearly feel his erect and hard nipple’s cap that was making me loose my self-control, and then I kissed him for the first time. Our half-naked bodies were fully enjoying each-others company.


My lips joined his pink lips and he passionately grabbed my upper lip between his lips. I could feel his warm breath and pounding heart beats and I am sure, he was able to hear my heart which was longing for him.

We kept on kissing for around 2 minutes and then I moved my head up and cleaned his cheeks with my hands which were wet with my licking and kissing.


His passionate kiss, touch of his warm body had turned me “On” and it was a chain-reaction, which was now not in my control. My super-hard crotch was pressing hard against his thighs and was throbbing in pulses to break all barriers trying to confine it within any boundaries.

I don’t understand what turned me, a shy guy by nature, become so shameless and hostile all of a sudden and I don’t know where had those guilty feelings and “family-reputation”  things disappeared all of a sudden. All I could remember in that moment, was that “He is mine … and only mine… and that he belongs to me …forever”. I still don’t understand what made me believe so. Was it due to his total surrender to me or due to his confession of love or something else that made me feel like this for him? Whatever it was, it gave me a very satisfying and conjuring experience.

I had lost all my discretionary capabilities and had nothing to think or decide. I was just flowing in through various impulses and emotions. I lowered myself to reach to his nipple, my sweet-spots of love, and then started licking it and playing around his nipples.


More I was touching it or licking it, more I was getting excited.

I believe he has very sensitive nipples too (just like me) or it is one of his sweet spots too that easily excites him because I noticed him (and his cock) go wild with every touch of my tongue or my fingers on his nipple. I was enjoying what I had dreamt millions of times in my fantasies (although with girls only) but this was a real nipple in my access first time in my life.


I was doing whatever was coming to my mind, licking, swallowing, kissing on his juicy, pink nipple and he was moaning restlessly. He tried to control me and grabbed my right hand which was playing with his left nipple till now, and next I noticed that my hand was resting over his pulsating cock.


His moaning was making me go wild. I don’t know if it was purposely (fake) or real moaning but it was working to make me mad. I moved on to his left nipple, grabbed it and then took a bite.


He screamed in pain and then I took a real hard bite of his other nipple.


He screamed loudly this time and grabbed my head in his hands and pulled me up (away from his nipples and towards his face) and then kissed me gently.


He had unloaded (ejaculated) – I don’t know if it was my bite that caused it or if it was an effect of rubbing through my thighs or his over excitement that made him ejaculate. He looked into my eyes for a moment, holding my head in his hands and then released me. I turned to my side of bed but still horny.

After around 10 minutes, I turned back to him and kissed on his left nipple where I had bitten him and said, “Sorry… !  I caused you pain


He just smiled back and grabbed me tightly in his arms and started caressing my hair. I slept in same pose, with my head on his chest between his nipples, hearing his heart singing my name. He is really a nice, sensible, loving Guy.

It was a “Good Night” indeed. Here is an image of my “real play ground” that night.



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  1. adoreabhijit says:

    Such a long gap between parts 1 and 2 ? 😂 Now I am more curious to know what else happened…


    1. desimunda says:

      lol 😀


    2. desimunda says:

      What else…?? Actually… a lot happened.. and …nothing much (no he is not pregnant).

      What happened was a little more than I could tolerate.

      A couple of days ago, he did it again. First he kissed me, and then entered his hand inside my vest and touched all my upper body. I somehow managed to avoid any conflicts and then he moved his hand down to my shorts, over my crotch.

      “Woof!”… I could not tolerate it and exploded with fiery speech and strong words. We did not have any talks after that.

      It is almost 3 days now.


      1. adoreabhijit says:

        Hmmm…..I take it you did not have the ‘talk’ about your feelings and apprehensions?
        You see, when you took the first part of my advise and initiated the physical intimacy you sent the message that you are not averse to intimacy anymore. Which is why I said to go ahead with it only if you are sure about your feelings. Your actions and words are only confusing him more. You need to have the ‘talk’ as soon as you can. And whenever you feel uncomfortable about him breaching your comfort zone, be vocal about it but also try to be a bit emphatic.


        1. desimunda says:

          Got it Guru ji. I will try my best to communicate my feelings to him but first I need his apology for his mis-conduct. You know, you last advice of physical intimacy worked miraculously, and the “Lost Guy” had learnt to smile again. He was responding well and looking happy again (and I wished to see him happy again) before he did this stupid act and repeated same mistake.
          As far as my feelings for him, even I am not sure. I feel happy with him, seeing him laughing and happy makes me happy, I care for him (although I am not so vocal in showing off my feelings), and I am worried about him. But when I start giving it a thought about the “relationship” thing…my mind stops working. I am not able to resolve the puzzles of future… and likes and dislikes. I sometimes like him, and his physical appearance and that happens mostly when I am more attached to him emotionally.. but when it comes to “Penis”… I could not even think about it.. forget about touching it. When he makes me angry by his stupid acts, I am mad at him, but slowly I feel sorry for the poor kid and want him to talk to me.
          I am also pissed off with my own thinking and condition. Don’t know how to come out of it.


          1. adoreabhijit says:

            It seems too soon to label your situation with him as a ‘relationship’, in fact you should not think of labelling it anything and instead go cautiously with the flow and analyse your own feelings. Its quite possible you are romantically attracted to him but not sexually. It could also be possible that you actually are sexually attracted to him but being held back by your discomfort and squeamishness as you have never actually considered the possibility of sex with a man. Whichever it is, you have to let him know where your boundaries are.

            (I should start another blog as a Love Guru, all thanks to you XD)

            Liked by 1 person

            1. desimunda says:

              No, seriously, I am highly impressed with your understanding of human psychology, practical and unbiased aspects to the solution and wide perspective of thoughts you give to analyze the situation.

              That’s why I value your suggestions a lot, and you as a friend. Anyone who enjoys your company would definitely be blessed with your kind nature. I believe, you are not as stubborn and rigid as me. You are sensible enough to understand the psychological pressure, feelings of an unknown person just be reading the blog posts, which may not be that detailed, which are usually reflected by in-person interactions.

              Further, you could understand his condition more appropriately when he was under (kind of) depression last time, where as I was confined with in my own “thoughts, if’s and buts”. I had never given him a consideration from his point-of-view and I was suspicious of whether he is playing a game with me to take advantage of my emotions once again, and is honest.

              That’s why I named you Love Guru, I believe, very appropriately.

              BTW… what is XD in your last sentence?

              Liked by 1 person

            2. adoreabhijit says:

              Lol! You are making me blush now… Honestly it’s mostly experience and attention to details. And actually it’s easier to analyse a situation from the perspective of a third person.
              Also, I really love your blog. It’s like watching your favorites T.V series and interacting with the actual characters 😛 (XD just another emoticon like you know close my eyes and laugh)

              Liked by 1 person

            3. desimunda says:

              Glad, you liked it.


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