Adorable Love-Guru’s Advice – (Part 1)

After dinner, we decided to watch some movie online for entertainment. It was Friday night and next day was a weekly off for me, so there was no hurry to sleep early or get up early  next morning. He was already undergoing medical leaves.

I moved behind him and covered him in between my arms, with our legs spread wide across. His back was resting on my chest. He was wearing a sports vest and a short. And I was also in a similar dress.

I proposed, let’s continue watching the Chinese web series “(Heroin) Addiction” that he had suggested me sometime back. I had watched initial 3 or 4 episodes only. He readily agreed to my suggestion.

We placed the laptop in front of us between our legs. I leaned forward pressing him with my chest and raised my right hand to get hold of mouse which was lying close to upper end of his right thigh (the Underwear area), and kissed gently on his neck. He did not react to my kiss except with a smile on his face and relaxed his neck a bit for me.


I kissed him twice on his neck and cheeks, and then started playing the next episode of the web-series “Addiction” from the link which I had already added to my browser’s favorite links. Last time, when he suggested me to watch this series, I found it interesting and hilarious in some episodes, but today I was “enjoying” it with a new “Taste”. I was getting involved in the story and with the characters. He had told me that it is a love-story and not a porn, but I feel it is a mix of love story and soft-porn.

We continually watched a few episodes in continuation. There were a few erotic scenes where one of the guy tried to grab the crotch of his lover, and was trying to seduce him. The scene gave me a hint.

Heroin2 I was already sitting in a comfortable pose, embracing him in my arms. My hand was already on his lower abs.  I slowly moved my right hand inside his vest to get a feel of his body and started exploring his abs and navel.

He initially looked a little uncomfortable with my act, but did not resist either. I started moving my hand a little upwards towards his chest and started caressing his nipple. He started breathing aggressively. I noticed slight throbbing movements in his shorts over his crotch area. He leaned on me and relieved his body fully.

Something that I started for a fun and to make him feel more friendlier with me was affecting me too. The sensational touch of his smooth body and ultra-soft nipples were deeply penetrating my discretionary capabilities. I started losing my mind in a short while. Every inch of my fore-arms and arms were stuck to his body as iron powder is stuck to a powerful magnet. The touch of his warm body, soft nipple and nipple head instantly transferred my attention to another world and I was drowning in my fantasies in a short while. Till now, I had only imagined touch of a human body in my fantasies but this was all real. I closed my eyes and my lips started kissing his neck automatically. I don’t know when my second hand entered inside his vest and began playing around his abs and chest. Suddenly, I got my attention back when I heard a painful “Aah !” from him. Unknowingly, I had pinched and twisted his nipple-head and he screamed with pain.

His scream brought my attention back to where I am and what the hell I was doing to him. I opened my eyes and noticed that I was kissing him on his neck. I instantly released her nipple from my grip. I chuckled, with a little embarrassment on what I had done to him. He also smiled back on my naughty and wild act, but did not say a thing. This was again his original shiny smile which I missed for such a long time after that event, and not a fake one.

I slowly moved my hands out of his vest. There was still a smile on his face. I hugged him tight in the same pose, and said, “Good night Dear, Sweet Dreams !”.

He also replied with the same smiling face, “Sweet dreams”.

I moved to my bed and closed my eyes, and soon I was lost in my hot-fantasies, now  powered by sensational touch of his warm body.

(To be continued..)


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  1. adoreabhijit says:

    I love this sooooo much!!! 😁😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      So do I. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kelly says:

    I have fallen in love with your writing and can’t wait for the next episode

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      Thank you, Kelly.
      I am glad that you liked it. Stay connected to my blog, next episode coming up shortly.


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