A Hard-on Experience…

The whole day on Tuesday, after we got him back from nursing home, he was asleep, except for one or two loo breaks. He had nothing in his stomach for last two days, so he probably did not feel any “daily needs” to finish with. Also, he was in strong influence of medicines prescribed to him that kept him almost in unconscious state of mind the whole day. He was so sleepy that he could hardly walk to the attached toilet on his own and needed (my) support to carry him from his bed to the loo and back. I could not ascertain whether it was due to physical weakness or because of the medication, that he needed a support to stand properly (forget about walking on his own). He was swinging in his slow-paced walk. I noticed it when he woke up and struggled hard to get out of bed.

Obviously, I had precautions and warnings from the doctor that he should not be left alone, so I was a bit prepared for such kind of scene. But it was beyond my expectation that he could be feeling so much weakness/sleepiness that it will be a tough task for him to walk up to the near by attached bathroom cum rest-room. Seeing his condition, I asked him to lay down on my bed which was closer to the bathroom. I asked him if I should get the urine-bottle for him if he is not feeling easy in walking to the loo, but he did not agree.

At around 10 AM, Mrs. Y (spouse of Mr. Y, the tenant on the lower floor) brought some Daliya (roasted wheat-grains mixed with vegetables boiled in water with some mild spices and) and vegetable soup (mixed vegetables like bottle-gourd, spinach, carrots etc.) for him. We woke him up. He was hardly able to concentrate and understand what we were asking him. I helped him to get up and sit on the bed. He was not fully alert and conscious, and obviously was not able to help himself on his own, so I fed him the Daliya and some soup.

He barely ate a few spoon fulls of it and then resisted to take it any more. Probably his mouth had sour taste because of the medication. He insisted that if fed forcefully, he may feel like throwing all out. Mrs. Y also advised before leaving that we should try in small amounts in short intervals, that makes it easy for him to digest it properly.

I was trying to be helpful and to support my roommate to the best of my capacity. I was really feeling sorry about his this condition. But it was also becoming harder for me to do it or to  be in his vicinity. The reason was the Foul, pungent smell coming from his body and clothes. He had probably not taken bath for last 2-3 days before he was admitted to nursing home, and his body odor was too unpleasant for anyone to stand with him, which was mixed with all sorts of foul smells like sweating, and some smell that typically comes from hospitals/nursing home.

Earlier, I had though of giving him a sponge-bath on the bed itself, with some anti-bacterial lotion mixed in water. Later, I changed my mind as it did not appear to be a good idea. First, the bed may get wet, making it more uncomfortable for him and more bacteria around him. Second, I was not sure, only a plain water sponge, without any soap, would be helpful in getting rid of this foul smell.

I woke him up at around 12:30 and asked him, “Would you like to take a bath? It may make you feel better, and energetic and may even help you overcome the sleepiness.

He agreed for bath and nodded in agreement. I took his towel, and under-garments to the bathroom and then helped him walk to the bathroom. But seeing his situation, it was clear that he could barely stand on his own even for a small time, and that he would not be able to bathe properly on his own. I arranged a small plastic-stool for him to get seated for an easy and comfortable bath (to make it less riskier).

After he sat on the stool, I said,” Please do not to lock the bathroom’s door. I would be standing outside just in case if you need any help“. He looked back at me with many glaring questions in his eyes, but did not say a word and then moved his head down. He might have apprehensions in asking for my help.

I thought for a moment, and then said, “Would you mind if I help you in bath?“. I had my reservations and reasons to keep a safe distance because of the past experiences between us but after he gave me that “look”, I could not resist myself to offer him my help. He again, nodded his head in negation, showing his willingness to accept my help, without looking at me.

un-buttoningI un-buttoned his Shirt and then moved behind him and asked him to raise his hands upright so that I can pull off his shirt. Then I moved in front of him, unbuttoned his Shorts that he was wearing, unzipped it and pulled it off too. His eyes were closed all the time and hands were holding the edges of stool. I just looked once on his face and then did not make any further direct eye contacts to save us from the embarrassment. He just moved a little bit to help me pull off the shorts he was wearing, without standing up from the stool or opening his eyes.

Next, I poured some water a couple of times to make his body wet before foaming. It was a normal, a little bit luke-warm water (due to high temperature outside). He was sitting in front of me just in his undies. After getting the clothes off, the intensity of foul smell was reduced considerably. Then I rubbed his head while pouring some water again. I saw him tightening his grip on the stool as soon as my hands touched his head. I don’t know if it was because of my hand rubbing his hair or force of my hand that made him fear of getting unbalanced or some other feeling but he might be having for me. He also closed his eyes tightly along with his grip tightening on the stool. This whole scene made made me feel as I was taking care of a small kid.

Although his body had lost its shine because of the recent medical condition, but he was still looking sexy in his red-undies, sitting in front of me. The red-undies were complementing the white (fair) complexion of his smooth body. The situation, which made me feel like he is a small innocent kid, dependent on me, also raised a soft-corner for him in my heart.

After getting his hair wet, I lowered my hand on his neck and then on his shoulders to clean it with water that I was pouring on him. Slowly, when I touched his body, I got small sensation, a kind of feeling that is hard for me to explain in words. It was good and exciting, and boosted the adrenaline flow in my body. This was first time, I was touching a human body and feeling this sort of agitation. I believe, he also had some sort of feelings after my hand reached his shoulders. I saw him gasping to breathe, and a rise in his breathing pace. He slowly moved his one hand towards me, which was holding the stool till now and then held back the stool again tightly. He did not touch me (I guess he wanted to).

I stopped for a moment when he moved his hand forward in my direction. I was concerned but after sometime, continued with it as the situation was “under-control”. The water droplets scattering all around were making no difference between an undressed person (him) and a dressed person (me).

Two bathTo save myself from any similar embarrassing situations and to hide the glimpse of my hardening penis from his eye-sight, I moved behind him. I rubbed the (soap) foam on his back twice and then moved my hand to his chest. I could clearly feel his pounding heart beats, which were racing too fast. I moved my hand off his chest, and asked him, “Are you feeling alright?

Without opening his eyes or facing to me, he nodded in “Yes” keeping his face downward

I started where I left off, with both the hands now to finish it as soon as possible. It was becoming difficult for me too. As soon as I started rubbing his chest with both the hands, he grabbed my hands in his hand. He was breathing furiously.


I was feeling very embarrassed and shy, and sexually aroused too.  I was not in a position to handle it any further. I turned the shower tap ON and ran outside, saying, “I’ ll be back in a moment. Till then you please cleanse the soap.

(To be continued….)


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