My Roomie, the Play boy

(Contd.. from previous post After Effects of the Kiss (Part -4))

After around two and half hours, Doctor informed us that he is responding well to the medicines. He also informed us about the lab-reports which primarily indicate a severe de-hydration condition and lack of Sodium below critical level. Sodium (a common part of Sodium Chloride, the normal table salt) is a very important mineral for normal functioning of the nervous system. Its deficiency may severely impact the normal functioning and may even lead to nervous breakdown. Probably this could be a reason of his blabbering randomly. Doctor also informed us that he is doing better now and his condition is stable and out of danger. He also informed us that he has been given a dose of Tranquilizer which will calm him down and that he will be sleeping for next few hours. He also informed us that since he is out of danger, so he will be shifted to another room from emergency room.

It was about to be mid night. Mr. Y asked me if he can leave now as his family will be waiting for him. He will be back early in the morning between 6 to 8 AM. He also shared his mobile number with me just in case of any emergency. I thanked him for his big help before he left to home.

After Mr. Y left, I requested the doctor to move my roomie in a dormitory (General ward), instead of a private room as it will be out of my budget. Doctor smiled back at me and told that on special request of Dr. XXXX (the friend of Mr. Y), this case is being treated on just actual cost basis without charging any service or other facility charges as a professional courtesy. So, I need not to worry about room charges or doctor’s fees etc. Only the minimal expenses which include the lab tests, nominal charges for electricity etc. and the medicines, which are not available as a sample specimen in the nursing home, need to be paid by me.

Later, when my roomie was shifted to a private room, I relaxed on the reclining chair close to his bed. He was sleeping but intermittently, he used to utter something that was not making any sense to me. It was not a complete logical sentence and parts of sentence were not co-related with each other to make it meaningful. But yes, I was able to identify my name being repeated most of the times, or at least it was sounding like my name along with some other random words. With time, the blabbering got reduced and in control.

I moved my chair a bit forward, close to his bed and held his hand in my hands. I was feeling extremely sorry for all what he was going through and that too just because of me. Even though he was unconscious, and was not able to hear me but I could not stop myself from apologizing for my rude, harsh and inhumane behavior with him. I was feeling better and safe in holding his hands. It was a similar feeling that a child has when he gets hold of his most-wanted-toy snatched from him, after a great struggle and is afraid of losing it again. I did not want to loose him and was feeling secured holding his hand in my hands. After some time, I also fell asleep in the same pose, holding his hand in between my hands and my head resting on top of my hand on the side of his bed. I woke up at around 4 AM when the nurse on duty came in to change the saline water bottle (or inject some medicine in it) and took some readings from the instruments attached to my roomie. He was now sleeping like a child, calm and relaxed.

I next woke up at 7:30 AM when Mr. Y reached with a Thermos flask, filled with tea and some snacks. We were taking tea, when the (new) Doctor on duty made a visit to the patient. After checking the details and reading the case history, he said, “The patient is doing fine now. Since you are on a special care on behalf of Dr. XXX (name of Mr. Y’s friend), I will be very honest with you. Although, it is good to have him under medical supervision for next 24 hours, but it is not necessary at all. His latest reports are normal, with some small infections, for which you may continue the treatment at home. He is out of danger now. If you want, we can discharge him now. Probably, it will be more convenient for you to take care of him in your home, and save you from un-necessary expenses too.”

He also advised, that the case history and diagnosis by the doctor on emergency duty when he was admitted last night suggested that there might be symptoms of Depression. The history of previous medical conditions is not available. So, I would suggest you to visit a psychologist once he recovers in around a week. If you like, I can write a reference letter for the same. In my opinion, there is no harm to get him properly examined. Doctor also explained us that he is also prescribing some anti-depressant medicines which will help him recover fast, and that he may feel “sleepy” for some time, so don’t let him drive or leave him alone till he is on these medication. The medicines were prescribed for a week.

Mr. Y did all the payments for the nursing home bills (which later, I paid him back with a sense of gratitude and thanks for all his help to complete strangers (us) at the very moment of need).

I requested the doctor to give a medical leave certificate for the period so that he can produce the same at his office when he joins in.

He was still asleep (under influence of medicines) when we brought him back to home at 8:30 in the (Tuesday) morning. His skin and face which looked dull and dry last night, were looking much better now.

After taking him back to our room, I was also feeling very tired and wanted to cover-up my fatigue by some more sleep. Mr. Y told me before leaving that his wife is preparing the light meals (Khichdi, Daliya etc.) for my roomie today. In his opinion, although doctor had not prescribed any specific meals but it would be better to let him start with light meals.

Before hitting the bed, I felt it necessary to take a shower to get rid of foul odor and probably all the germs that I was carrying after the nursing home visit. After taking shower, I thanked the gracious lord for saving his life and all the help that he made available to us at right time. Then it reminded me of calling my Manager to inform him for a couple of days off due to situation. I have to stay here with him and cannot leave him for two reasons, first, he is very weak to do even the daily chores and needs my help and emotional support, until his family or any relative or other friends are here to take care of him. Second, if it was a case of depression or suicidal attempt, I cannot risk his life again at this moment already having a recent incident of this kind.

Calling my Manager also reminded me of informing his (my roomie’s) office too. I picked up his cell phone (smart phone) but it was locked. I had no option except to wait for him to wake up. I was planning to call his family too but locked phone closed the doors for it. I cannot take long leaves, as I am an intern with fixed stipend (a kind of contractual or daily  wage).  I am not a regular employee, and not entitled for leaves or benefits offered to regular employees. It is up to my manager to grace me 1 or 2 leaves on emergency need basis or count it in my attendance record.

Suddenly, it came to my mind that I can unlock his phone using his finger (using finger print sensor on his smartphone). It was although unethical, but it was also important to have someone from his family or close friends here to know his medical history. It will also be helpful for him to have someone from his family to support him emotionally.

He is right handed, so I used his index finger on the sensor to unlock it. It got unlocked in a fraction of second with slight vibration. It took me approximately half an hour to scan through each and every contact on his phone again and again, but I did not find any contact with the name or nick name or contact-group in “Family, Dad, Papa,Pop, Mom, Mummy, Bhai, Brother, Sister, Didi, Dada, Uncle, Aunt, Chacha, Tau, Chachi, etc…all sort of relations that I could remember at that moment “. It was very strange for me to find such a person who does not have even a single contact saved in his phone from his family. I was wondering if he belonged to an orphanage.

I also tried to search for a contact named ICE (In Case of Emergency), the people usually save for the person who should be contacted in case of emergency situations, but nothing found.

Finally, I found one suspicious contact in his address book, named as “Jaanu” (A short for “My Love” in Hindi). I checked the details, it was not my number. I dialed the number, out of curiosity, and moved outside the room so that he did not come to know about my communication with his personal numbers.

Hello!”, My call was answered by a sweet melodious voice of a girl on the other side.

Hi ! This is XXX (My name), and I got your number from his mobile (phone). I am his roommate.“, I replied with a short introduction of myself. The other side was silent.

I continued, “I am sorry to call you about this, but it is a bit important matter. Are you from his family?”

No“, there was a short reply.


Expecting some more details, I asked again, “I’m really sorry, may I know who I am talking to? I was looking to find someone from his family but I could not find anyone from his family or relations in his address book. Your number is saved as a personal contact.

There was a silence for a moment, and then the girl replied, “He was my boy-friend. We were friends for last 2 years, but last week we had break-up.“, she was speaking slowly, with small pauses in between that made me feel she is not comfortable in talking about this.

I am so sorry to hear that.“, I don’t know why I said this. (Probably) I was feeling sorry for my poor friend now. This is the only thing that came to my mind hearing his break-up news. Probably this might be a reason for his depression and such a situation (where he was ready to end his life like this.) Probably, my scolding added salt to the pepper and made his situation the worst. I was also impressed with the experience and diagnosis of the doctor in emergency room who probably guessed it correctly.

I asked her, “I know it may not be right question for you, but it will really be a great help to me. Do you know anyone from his family or close friends? He is currently not doing too well and I need to inform someone from his family.

What happened to him?“, There was a feeble voice from the other side. She was trying to calm down and control her emotions.

I paused for a moment and said, “He was critically ill and was admitted to emergency care unit last night.

As soon as I finished my sentence, she could no longer control it and started crying a bit loudly (at least I was able to make it out that she is crying as I was on the other side of phone).

Surprised with her act, I added, “I am glad that he had such a good friend as you, who is still concerned about him even after break-up. But you need not to worry, he is out of danger now, and recovering really fast. I thought it would be good to inform someone from his family so that he can be properly taken care of“.

The girl replied, “We were very close friends for last two years. We were in a kind of relationship and had planned for our marriage after a year or two when he settles down professionally with a better job. Around 10 days back, he called it off.  He said he had fallen in love with someone else now and did not want to keep me in dark. I am still not able to understand what went wrong in our relationship. Everything was going smooth as usual.

This news was a second shock to me. This guy called off the relationship?? Who is the new “Jaanu” then? I did not find any other number in this category of contacts in his address book.

May I visit him?“, she asked after a small break.

It was a tricky question. Landlord may have an objection on girls visiting to bachelor’s room. Further, he (my roomie) may get upset with me on crossing my limits and interfering in his personal life and privacy.  I really don’t know why he called off their relationship, and I should not be the one causing more confusions or troubles to him.

I am sorry but I don’t think it would be a good idea. Landlord may have strong objections on a girl visiting bachelors’ room.“, I prefer to be honest. “But you may rest assured that he is doing better now.“, I wanted her to be assured of his improving health now. I added further, “It will be really a great help, if you can tell me anything about his family. Do you have any contact details to reach his family?

I don’t know much about his family except that he left his home around 10 years back after a heated argument with his step father. Since then he had never made any contact with them.“, She answered.

(To be contd…)


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  1. adoreabhijit says:

    Glad to hear he is feeling better. And it’s very sensible and caring of you to take care of him right now. It is most unfortunate that he suffers from anxiety and depression, it takes little to trigger these into a big episode. Hope things work out better between you two and that your friendship doesn’t suffer.


  2. adoreabhijit says:

    And LOL! 😛 “Playboy” ?? 😛


    1. desimunda says:

      What else?
      I am longing to get one… for a long time… and he is jumping on the one after another… just like a bee playing around all the flowers in the garden. 😀


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