After Effects of the Kiss (Part-4)

I had planned that starting today (Monday) onward, I will start search of new room after office hours. I had made up my mind last night and was almost ready to do some compromises (losing my advance rent, if landlord did not agree to  refund it). But when I read the comments on my previous post, from one of my “Adorable” friends, who is regularly following my blog, I got a fresh perspective to look in to the things.

It is true, that “Communicationplays a vital role in any relationship, be it a love-relationship or just a plain friendship. I’ve experienced it many times, and this recent incident is also reflecting the same. It was a “Communication Gap”, that lead me to mis-interpret the things between my roomie and me. His UN-apologetic behavior (or actually, not so properly apologizing for his acts in this case that could have given me a sense of a assurance and satisfaction), gave me an impression that he is “Rude”, “Self-Centered”, “Sex-maniac”, “UN-trustworthy” and “Egoist”. Impression that made me believe that he did not deserve my friendship or even any sort of relationship.

It was again a communication with “Adorable” friend, through his comments on my last post, that made me realize that probably it was not him who was self-centered. Rather, it was me this time. I was seeing things only from my own blurred perspective. Anger, Disgust, Hate, Revenge (may be), all sort of negative feelings had pre-occupied my mind and blurred my capability of seeing the things in the way, they actually were. I was not UN-biased in making any conclusions or decisions. Through his comments, and his past life experience, I also realized that it could still be a possibility that he (my roomie) is actually regretting his acts and that there is still a chance that we could still be friends. Before this event of his crossing the boundaries, I actually sort of liked him and enjoyed his company a lot. I had a soft corner for him. It happens. People become weak during impulse of feelings, emotions, and may act weirdly, unexpectedly, and may fall prone to doing something that is not appropriate at all. After all, Sex (Lust), and Hunger are some of the most important factors causing all sort of crimes.

After communicating with the “Adorable” friend online, I had no hard-feelings left for my roomie. Rather, I was feeling myself guilty to some extent. I might have been very harsh to him and over-reacted. The things could have been sorted out more patiently and diplomatically. It reminded me of the fact that he probably was starving since yesterday morning (Sunday Morning), and he had not even finished his tea when I started scolding him for his inappropriate act. I was not sure if he had taken water either, but in my presence, I was sure, he did not take any meals or anything. Not even water for more than 24 hours before I left the room for office today morning. I remember putting back both the Tiffin-boxes, outside our apartment today morning. His Tiffin was un-touched since last night where I had placed it on kitchen’s slab where as my tiffin was empty.

I was also surprised that he was lying at his bed when I left to office, where as usually he leaves for his office before me. I had “don’t care” attitude in morning, so it did not bother me. But now, after co-relating “Adorable’s” comments with the situation, I am worried about him (my roomie). So, I post-poned my plan to search for new room till tomorrow and decided that I should go home today and sort out with him to make it more “livable and soothing” atmosphere for both of us. Anyways, when I have already decided to move out, why should I make him suffer and to curse himself regrettably. I had also done “Sins” in past. We must learn to forgive. There is no other way out.

I reached home as per my routine. The apartment’s door was unlocked, as I had left it in morning since he was in the room. I entered the room and saw him still lying on the bed. But now, the scene was very disturbing. It was very disappointing and distracting and was hinting about some sort of medical emergency condition. I rushed to him from the entrance where I was standing. His shiny, smiling face glory had disappeared, as if it never belonged to this face. Color of his skin and face had faded and appeared pale-yellowish. The skin was dry. The pinkish lips were turned into darker mixed shade of black-brownish tint, with small cracks appearing on them mirroring a piece of land with severe drought conditions. He was breathing at a very slow pace. I put down my laptop bag on the floor, and grabbed him in my arms and shook him to bring him back to state of attention and alertness. I was calling out his name loudly, but he was not responding to my voice. He was neither in fully conscious, nor completely unconscious state of mind. He was blabbering something that I could not understand. The voice was unclear, very diminishing and breaking. I was aghast seeing him like this and was terrified of losing him. Tears welled up in my eyes spontaneously. My voice choked and I could not even say anything except …”Maa… Mom… help me“. My heart started racing. I was stupefied. I looked around to see any signs of  drug-abuse (any medicines or empty packaging around, just in case if it was a suicide attempt), but there were no signs of any drugs (medicines) around him.

I laid him back on bed, brought some water and sprinkled on his face, but he did not respond. I started crying horribly. All of a sudden, it reminded me of the tenants on the lower floor (who lives with his family and own a car). There is one more flat on our floor but that is vacant. I ran to his apartment and knocked the door in haste. It was around 9:00 PM, he should not be asleep. There is no such thing like 911 for emergency calls in India. In a short while, his kid opened the door, I wiped my tears and asked, “Is your Dad home? I want to see him urgently“. The kid went inside and sent his Dad.

What’s up? XXX (his kid’s name) told me Bhaiya (“brother” in Hindi) want to see you urgently and is crying. Is everything alright?“, said Mr. Y (The Tenant on the lower floor, let’s call him by this name for easy reference in this part of story). I learned and adopted a good practice of greeting with a smile to strangers, whenever we have eye contacts during my 3 months stay in USA for summer internship in previous semester. I adopted the practice and followed it till date. Initially, in India, people gave me strange looks for my smiles and then I restricted it to acquaintances and closed-group of people around me. That’s how I got a “Hi.. Hello” kind of acquaintance with Mr. Y. This was for the first time, we were talking except “Hi.. Hello”. Paying regards to others, always pays you back.

No, nothing is fine. I need your help urgently. My roommate is critically ill and I need your help to take him to doctor urgently. Please help me.“, My voice was still trembling. Tears were not in my control either, they were freely rolling out of my eyes. “Don’t worry! Everything will be alright. Let me quickly change my dress. I will be back in a moment with keys (to my car)“, replied Mr. Y and tapped on my shoulder to assure me.

After Mr. Y came back, tucking his shirt inside his trousers, I ran towards my apartment (upstairs), and he followed me.
What happened to him?”, asked Mr. Y out of curiosity.

I don’t know. He was not feeling well since yesterday. When I left for office in the morning he was taking rest here, but when I returned in the evening, I found him in this condition.“, I replied.

He suggested that it will be hard for just two of us to take him down through stairs, since he was not responding properly, so let’s wrap him in bed sheet except his face. We did accordingly.  It is harder to carry a body than to carry a conscious person. A conscious person takes care of his body parts and weight, whereas for an unconscious person, you have to take control of every part of his body. He (Mr. Y) held him from his shoulders (arms) supporting his back, and I was holding his thighs and feet. We somehow managed to bring him down to ground floor from the top floor of a four-storey building.

He then asked me to hold him while he opens the car’s door. In a short while, we were heading to the nearest nursing home in the area. I was sitting on the back seat, with my roomie lying on my lap and Mr. Y was driving the Car. I asked him to avoid the costly doctors as I have a very limited money with me.

Let me clarify here that I am still a student, and doing a project in internship. I do not EARN much, and belong to a middle class family. The stipend sort of thing that I am paid is just hardly enough for me to survive in this metro city without being a “financial burden” to my parents and to buy a few books for my study, if I do savings and cost-cutting. My USA trip in last year was also a project sponsored trip paid on actual basis under student-exchange program. I did not save in terms of US Dollars.

Mr. Y, instantly assured me, “Don’t worry about money right now. I am carrying my wallet and cards. Our priority should be to get him a treatment from reliable source and at the earliest“.

He drove us to XXXX Nursing home. And asked at the reception for an emergency help. Seeing a “Car”, nursing staff ran towards us with a stretcher, and then carried him to Emergency room. Unwrapped his body from the bed-sheet and shifted him to the bed. The doctor on emergency-duty came in and asked us questions about him and his conditions.

What happened to him?“, Doctor asked.
I repeated the answer I gave to Mr. Y.

Who is he? How is he related to you?“, Doctor asked.
He is my friend“, I replied.

Is he under any medication?“, asked the Doctor.
I am not sure, but I believe he is not taking any medicines.”, I told the doctor.

You will need to sign a few documents to cover up the necessary formalities. Please visit the counter at reception. Let me take a look here.”, he asked me pointing towards the direction of the reception counter from the emergency room.

I went to reception counter, filled in all the forms and signed the documents where necessary. When I came back to emergency room, they were ready to give him Saline water and glucose solution through a intravenous dip and were collecting samples of his blood for lab tests.

Doctor looked at me and said, “His blood pressure is very low, 60/40, and heart beats are also dipping. We need to do more (lab) tests before we could say something. He is also undergoing severe de-hydration. It seems as he has not taken anything for a long time. It is not normal.“, probably he was seeking some sort of details or explanations from me. I had nothing to tell him.

He looked back at me. I was still silent, and then he said, “Does he have any history of psychological ailments? Has he ever undergone treatment for anxiety, stress or any other psychological issues?

I said, “I don’t know, Sir. I have recently joined him as a roommate. I left for the office today morning and he was active and lying in his bed and when I returned in the evening I found him in this condition.

Oh! Okay.”, Doctor said. Probably all his “potential questions” were answered with this reply. Mr. Y was actively listening to our conversation.

Did you notice any change in his behavior recently? I mean any sort of change or mood swings or anything that was unusual?“, Doctor asked me again after a short while.

um.. yeah.. Since yesterday, he was looking upset. He had been very active and jovial, but he was lying on bed all day since yesterday. I think, he even did not go to office today.“, I told the doctor.

Does he have a girl-friend? I mean to ask if you are aware of his love life? Any break-ups or set-backs?“, Doctor asked me making a wild guess.

He never discussed with me about his girl friend.“, I replied. I knew, I was not being totally honest here but I could not do any better. It was a truth, that I really did not know about his girl-friend.

Will he be alright? How is he doing now?”, I asked the Doctor. I wanted to hear some sort of assurance, as usually shown in Star Plus soaps or Bollywood movies. But he bluntly said, “His condition is critical. I cannot say anything as of now. We are trying our best.“, and then advised the nurse to give him some injections and medicines and get some specific (lab) tests done at the earliest. The nurse handed over the prescription to me to buy those from the medical store. Mr. Y took it from me, and said, “You wait here, I will quickly bring these”.

He came back after 10 minutes with two bags, one with the medicines which he handed over the the nurse, and then whispered to me, “Don’t worry, I talked to the pharmacist. These medicine will stabilize his condition very fast. One of the medicines is to boost his heart beat rate.”

A few minutes later the Doctor came in and asked Mr. Y, “Y ji ! How do you know Dr. XXXX (some doctor’s name)?

Mr. Y replied back to the Doctor, “He was my class mate. We are still very good friends.

Doctor said, “I just got a call from him. He requested me to personally take care of your case. He insisted that it is a family matter for him.

When the doctor left the room, Mr. Y looked at me with a winning smile, and whispered, “Now they will give him the best treatment and that’s too without over-charging the bills.” The second bag which was in hands yet, he gave it to me and said, “Go outside and have it. I believe that you would not have taken anything after returning from office and we don’t know how long we may need to stay here.” I opened the bag, it was a sandwich.

I was obliged for the all the support and help I got from Mr. Y today. He had no personal interest but what he was doing for us was more than just being a sensitive human.


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  1. adoreabhijit says:

    Shit man!!!! Shit! Shit!! Shit!!! This is NOT your fault. Don’t make it too hard on yourself. No doubt he will recover from it. And it is only human of you to take care of him until he does (Just like Mr.Y did). But don’t think you are in anyway responsible for what happened. Please take care of yourself.


    1. desimunda says:

      Abhijit ! My dear friend,

      I sincerely want to believe it but I cannot consider myself completely innocent either. Especially, after hearing his words (I will try to put it in my next post.. as and when I get some time). Currently a bit occupied in looking after him. He is doing better now and recovering fast.

      I know you are trying to save my ass and supporting me morally to make me feel less guilty. You are a good human being and of course a good friend. I want to thank you for being there with me at the tough times when I needed help. Your positive perspective of life and situations could be a great asset for anyone around you.

      How can a person (me) be so insensitive to human life. It is a shame and and very embarrassing situation for me. I am feeling like kicking myself.


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