The Thermo-Dynamics of a Kiss

My Night Dress !

I was watching a streaming video on YouTube, lying on my bed. It was late in night, and I was already feeling sleepy. He was probably finishing some office work on his laptop in his side of bed. Our beds are adjacent to each other and we both usually prefer to sleep bare-chested. I sleep wearing shorts, while he mostly enjoys sleeping in his undies. It was a tiring day for me today, and how soon I did fell asleep, even I don’t know.

My laptop was plugged in to the power outlet on my side of bed. After sometime, (I don’t know how long did it take)I felt a warm touch of his arm on my waist-line. Although it made me aware of the situation and partly woke me up, but I did not open my eyes. I was in no mood to come out of sleep and break it. He probably moved over to my bed and was trying to put my laptop under my bed to make room for me to sleep comfortably. He probably did not intend to wake me up because his arm was not putting any kind of pressure on my body, it hardly touched me.

After few moments (when he was finished putting my laptop down), I felt his warm breath around my navel. I got nervous but did not move. For a few seconds, I felt his presence there, extremely close to my belly button. I could even sense his inhaling and exhaling rhythm which was a little faster than the normal, and then I felt a gentle kiss on my belly button (navel).


I was stunned, could not decide what should I do or how should I react to this? And before I could have made any decision he was already gone away from me. I was able to feel his warm soft lips, gently caressing the contour of my belly button for a second or two, and then he quickly moved away. But even after a few moments of his moving away, I was still feeling that tickling warm sensation around my belly button, and which lead to high pumping speed of my heart and took away my sleep.

I could not get back to sleep for next 2-3 hours.


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  1. adoreabhijit says:

    So damn hot!!!

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