“Heroin” between two Heros.

Ha ha ha ha ….“, He exploded with laughter.

I turned to him to see what was so funny. Having an earphone plugged in, he was watching something in his laptop notebook. He was, as usual, in shorts only (nothing on the top half of the body), sitting with his legs spread across the length of the bed while back resting on the bed’s-support. It was the time that we spend with our laptops..before finally hitting the bed. I ignored him and resumed my work on the excel sheet in my laptop.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha… ha ha ha ha ….“, there was another round of laughter. He must be watching something hilarious that is making him burst into hysterical laughter every few minutes. I was curious to know what is it that he is enjoying so much on his laptop. It was also drawing my attention away and I was loosing focus.

This time, I leaned towards him to peek into his laptop screen. He was watching some Chinese flick, I guess. I am also fond of Jackie Chan’s movies but if it is dubbed in English or Hindi or at least have subtitles in English. But it was something different. It seemed some type of drama (or may be a movie of some school going kids), although the actors were looking way older than actual high-school age.

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It’s a very popular series that has been censored and banned in China. Now the producers¬† have released it as a web series“, he gave me a short introduction emphasizing on the “popularity of the contents”. I started looking it along with him on his laptop and asked him, “What is so funny in it? Is it a comedy?


No, actually it is a sensual love story of two guys, but not a porn. I haven’t watched it since beginning. Just started with a few episodes earlier and found it very entertaining. You know, there is a great similarity between these guys and us. I can see through the characters as you and me.“, he smiled looking at me, and suggested, “You must watch it from very beginning. You will enjoy it.”

Well, I don’t have enough time now to watch it … I am a little busy. May be some time later..“, I tried to avoid watching it with him especially when he “warned” me that he is seeing these characters as “himself and me“. I don’t want to create any awkward situation in seeing together any scenes that may be “UN-acceptable” to me.

Okay, I will send you the link. You may enjoy it in your free time. Do watch it, believe me you will love it.“, He added.

His rating and recommendation for this web series, made me curious to see what are his likes and dislikes. A Facebook friend of mine gave me a valuable advise recently that I should not be too rigid in my attitude and let this relationship nourish freely and spontaneously. His advice that I should spend more time in knowing each other better clicked me. After all, it (so called.. relationship.. ) can be called off any time but it takes a lot of efforts to build a relationship. I value his opinion and suggestion. It will also help me to clear my identity and doubts. Further, I was curious to know “what” made him think that “we” are similar to the two guys in story. What kind of expectations he has from our relationship and me? Where do I fit in his world. So, I have decided to follow the web-series.


This is a Chinese or may be Thai series, popularly know as “Addiction or Heroine“. You may even do a google search or find it in YouTube, although quality of video may not be that good. The good thing is that it has English sub-titles. I have watched first three episodes till now, and I found it really good and entertaining so far. It is a story of a kid who is living with his father. Some of the parts of the story are funny and make you laugh. The guys are cute, and the quality of video is also good. Good direction, and cinematography also made it worth watching.

So, for a couple of days… or may be for some weeks… I will be busy watching it as and when I get time, and to understand about “us” in context of “those guys”. Besides, the story so far seems to be interesting, clean and entertaining. Even I am feeling addicted to see it on a daily soap basis.

I am also concerned and curious to know… am I like an open book, which anyone can read so easily? How did he become so sure that “I will like it” or “I will love it”, and confirmed it twice to me. ….. Or, was it just a wild guess from him?

Anyways, he knows so much about me, and I know nothing about him… I need to understand him and his choices, likes, dislikes etc.. and it is important for me to start with his recommendation.

Leave your feedback and comments, about this web series, if you watch it.


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