M… N… (Male Nipples)

I am amused… horny… and erect… right at the very first moment I opened up my eyes today morning. Let me tell you “why?”

It is Sunday, weekly off day.  Last night I had spent extra time on internet watching streaming videos and playing games and had planned to compensate it by putting  bonus time in sleeping till late hours on Sunday morning. But that did not happen !

Because of humid and hot climate conditions, we (both of us, my roommate and I) usually take our shirts off and prefer to sleep bare images (2)chested. But last night, I just wrapped up my vest up to neck instead of putting it off. My roommate usually takes off his shorts and sleeps in underwear only. Our beds are almost adjacent to each other, so it is a kind of double bed now. On a one room set rented shared accommodation, this room was the best choice among available options that could fit my budget and need.

So, let me tell you now …”why”,  but before going into “why”, let me give a brief background on “what” happened last night.

Last night, when I could no longer keep my eyes open after 2:00 AM, I fell sleep very fast. During weekdays (work-days), I usually sleep at around 10:30 PM. I don’t know exactly how longer could I enjoy my sleep last night as I felt something crawling (tickling would be more appropriate word here) on my right nipple.

Something happened here ! Crime Scene investigation is still in progress…

Initially, I thought it was part of my erotic dream and fantasies (and not an actual incident) but now I know it was real for sure because it lasted till a few moments just before I moved my hand to get rid of it and opened my eyes. I was feeling similar sensation in my dreams before I woke-up, and thus was already having a hard-on when I woke up. I don’t know if it was a coincidence that I had similar feelings in my dream about nipple sensation or is it because of this sensation, I was dragged into similar situation in my dreams.

You know, it becomes hard to sleep if you get a hard-on, and a “tent” like situation in your undies, which keeps on jumping up and down with pulses. Now, I doubt whether it was a mischievous act of my  roommate. When I got my conscious back, I found my bulge popping up due to hard-on.

I tried to adjust my awkward situation by changing my position and adjusting the popping out tent.

Naturally, to eliminate my embarrassment, I looked around to see if no one (my roommate of course!) noticed this. He was sleeping facing me.


To my surprise, I noticed a quick movement of his arm away from me. That made me suspicious of his act of seducing me in my sleep or playing with my nipple. It could be just a co-incidence and I might be mistaken in assuming his involvement, but the speed with which he moved away his hand from my side as soon as I turned my head to see him made me suspicious about the whole incident.

Many times, when I am shirtless, bare-chested or in my undies, I feel his eyes on my body and feel that his eyes are following me (or my body parts). I feel uneasy sometimes. He is also cute, attractive and smooth but kind of gazing I get from him on my body makes me nervous and alert. He is usually awake when I start my journey to dream-land. If he is reading a news paper or a book, while I go for nap,  I have noticed his eyes scanning me from top to bottom in small intervals. Again, it might be just my hypothetical assumption, but I am still feeling positive about my this gut-feeling after several observations. This might be one of the reasons that I am suspicious of his involvement in playing around with my nipple tonight.

Coming back to the story where I  left, that I woke up with a hard-on. After adjusting my popping tent and pulsing penis, I preferred to turn away from him and to put some pressure on my penis, I lied down on my chest.shirtless

At least, it was easier for me to hide my embarrassing hard-on and popping pulses. But the difficulty was with something else. A boner was not allowing me to get back to sleep. With agitating seducing thoughts running in my mind and a boner, both of which were complimentary to each-other. I had to change my position in bed several times, but no success. He was still in the same pose, facing me. I don’t know why but I have mostly observed him in same position … always facing me.

Since, I was unable to sleep, I decided to divert my attention. God only knows, if it really can help get down the adrenaline levels, but I had to try it. So, I started thinking about how this all started tonight and then focus turned to the fact why the hell I am so sensitive with my nipples. I always knew that my nipples have been my soft-spots and too sensitive area for me. Is it a normal thing with other men?

Am I a normal guy ?  I realized that I am very fond of Nipple play and fantasize it a lot. Mere touching it makes me extremely excited and brings up a boner in a matter of seconds. Is this a problem? Who should I consult? Is it a sign of being gay? In my fantasies I usually enjoy someone playing with my nipples (and sometimes, I too play with imaginary boobs but that does not stimulate me enough as concentration comes back to my own nipples).

I am still confused. Lord Google even did not help much. I did not have enough private moments to search for this kind of stuff in presence of my roommate. But still, I would try to explore more about it and discuss it with my online buddies.

So, here I am asking you, my friends, to drop your opinion and experiences in comments. As an inexperienced virgin (no real life sex experience or fore-play yet except in my fantasies) , I would love to know your experiences, and opinions in real life scenario.

PS: Most of the pics used in this blog are from online search results and are for illustration purposes only.


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