Nude & Rude Roomie

After the recent teasing event by my roomie a couple of days ago, I had lost all my courage to let anyone see glimpse of my body again, and tried to cover myself with maximum possibility even I started wearing full sleeves shirt after coming back from office. My roommate gave me weird looks but did not say anything on first day. I was not hesitant on wearing shorts as I have been using them for a long time, got habitual to it. But instead of a sports vest, I was using shirts even for sleeping. This pattern did not last longer. Increasingly hot and humid climate of Delhi NCR, with abrupt power-cuts mid night broke all the barriers.

On second night of my full sleeves shirt, I was sweating badly in it. I wanted to throw it off but could not dare to do that. My roomie broke the silence between us, and said “Why are you wearing these formal shirts in such hot climate, and that’s too in home? If you forgot, let me remind you “Boss!” that you are back home.

He said it so sarcastically and in a tone with such funny facial expressions that made me burst in to laughter. He continued, “Why don’t you wear something more comfortable, like only vest, or better be just like me, without any thing.“. He further added, “You will feel much relaxed and comfortable, believe me.“, nodding his head up and down to put a positive emphasis on his experienced comfort-level of being in this almost nude state.

I looked at him once again, he was in his shorts only, nothing else. Before I could reply him, he further added, “Or is it that you are feeling shy in front of me?“. It was a direct challenge posed to me to be a normal man… somehow it pinched my ego.. my manhood. And my quick reaction was, ….an excuse, “No, it’s nothing like that. Actually, I have heard a lot about Dengue and mosquitoes in Delhi NCR region so I was just taking precautionary steps. You know, they advise in media, news channels also to keep yourself covered to avoid mosquito bites.” I don’t know how, but that just came to my mind spontaneously as a best excuse to cover myself.

He looked at me again from top to bottom, Smiled, and said, “So mosquitoes also like your smooth upper half of the body more than the lower half, that’s why you are carefree about your legs.” I was wearing shorts. He burst into laughter after this statement. I had no instant reply now. He continued, “That’s all bull-shit ! there are no mosquitoes in such extreme hot weather of 48 degrees Celsius. You better take your shirt off or I will do it forcibly. I don’t want to be held responsible in front of your parents for your death due to De-hydration and extreme sweating.” There was an authoritative tone in his suggestion. I hadn’t seen such a nude & rude combination earlier. I did not want to ruin my reputation and image in his eyes or to get involved in any form of physical strength testing with him, or give him a chance to think that I am abnormally shy for exposing my body. So, I surrendered, saying “OK Baba ! you win. You are right, probably I should not take such extreme preventive care for mosquitoes (bite).” and took off my shirt. He smiled back and said, “That’s like a good boy.

Sleeping Peacefully….

Now, I was bare-chested, wearing only shorts, just like him. Initially I felt very awkward for some 15-20 minutes but slowly I fell for it after the relief I felt when breeze from air cooler evaporated my  sweat and cooled my body, It was really worth it. He was very right, it was ultimate relief in such hot and humid climate and I was UN-necessarily torturing myself.


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  1. Will says:

    There’s definately a great deal to find out about this issue.
    I like all of the points you’ve made.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desimunda says:

      Thank you, Will.
      I am glad you liked it. Please keep visiting regularly and give your valuable feedback by giving the ratings, comments and likes on my posts.


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